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  • rewski

    marathon plus

    Premier Icon simmy

    I’ve got City Jets on my hack bike and they have coped with rain and even slightly muddy tracks OK.

    Obviously not designed for off roading but its possible to use cycle paths with care when muddy.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Schwalbe Silento

    Michelin Country Rock for me. 1.5″ width, fairly fast rolling but good side knobs so that you can actually corner off-road. Got them for £9.99 on CRC and there’s still a decent amount of tread on the rear.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    I’ve used these:

    CityJet 1.5 @75PSI – fast, hard. Wears fairly fast, not grippy when you lean over or on loose terrain. Cheap.

    Standard Marathon @70- Similar to the City Jet, but a bit better in every way. Less cheap.

    Marathon Plus @70 – Pretty heavy, but pumped up hard they hold momentum. Extremely hard wearing, very resistant to punctures indeed . A little slippy when pumped up fully.

    Marathon XR @60 – Hard work, indestructible. Intend to try them on MTB!

    Marathon Supreme @80 [previous gen.] The best of all worlds. Very expensive indeed. Worth it.


    Currently running schwalbe kojaks on my rigid on one commuter, I am thinking of changing these for the wetter months ahead,
    I would like to stick with schwalbe as I love them.

    Schwalbe. Spicer 26×1.5
    Schwalbe city jet 26x??

    I want a semi tread but nothing aggressive as I would like to keep fast rolling tyres where possible.

    Anyone used any of the above or can recommend others?

    Thanks In advance


    I can’t see why you’d change from the Kojak’s to be honest. I ran them last winter and I’ll run them this winter – excellent tyre.


    Schwalbe Big Apples. Big and badass, fast and comfy. Don’t get punctures. Sorted.


    Conti sports contact or Gatorskins always get favorable feedback.


    Bonty L3 various sizes good.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    2.35 schwalbe supermotos, like a big apple but lighter carcass and fast rolling 🙂


    Keep the Kojaks, they are great in the wet too!

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Conti City Contacts on my 26 commuter. 1.5s I think.

    Might be called Comfort Contacts or something now.
    Good tyre, rolls well, pretty puncture resistant and has reflective sidewalls.


    Conti Sport Contacts 1.3″

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