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  • Commuting cyclists and their mechanicals.
  • Punctures, that’s about it really. Maybe once a week a mudguard might slip slightly and needtweaking, in a month a rack or guard mounting bolt will loosen, in a year a cable might snap?

    The annoying thing is my commuter always takes ages to fix when it comes to peventative maintenance as it’s all old kit i’ve no longer got tools for (1″ threaded headset spanners, tapered BB’s, 6 speed freewheels, etc)

    I take the same toolkit as evey other ride though rarely need to use it.

    Never been to a bike shop with it.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I’ve seen quite a few other commuters with punctures too. I always stop and ask if they need help. Surprising the number of people that don’t carry a pump or patches – or worse, do but don’t have the vaguest clue how to use them! 😕


    Used to commute with a pump, park patch kit, tyre levers and allen keys. But these days, running better tyres, i just have the allen keys incase i need to adjust anything, stop a creaking seat etc…

    That said, i do keep on top of my maintenance, clean the bike, chain, gear adjustment if needed at the weekend (if required). It’s very easy to tell if your bike needs lube, gears are out etc… when you ride it every day.

    It’s not uncommon for me to lend a hand fixing other commuters bikes on route (used to work in bike shop so confident and safe to do so). The most common problem being a slipped chain, often due to the terrible condition or set up of their bike. Most people in these situations are not dyed in the wool cyclists BTW. Seen a fair few forks the wrong way round, wonky wheels, disconnected brakes, wobbly cranks and massive vs small bikes for the people ridding them. It’s pretty easy to spot someone who wants help and i like to think it helps strengthen the bond within our growing cycling community.


    Like most people here I’m pretty fortunate with my maintenance. Went through a spell of breaking chains on my last bike but since building my hack/commuter I’ve been pretty fortunate. That being said, I’ve just serviced her and put the winter tyres on and noticed a bust spoke on the back. Looks like a trip to my LBS is on the cards

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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