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  • Comedy headset press on ebay
  • Premier Icon johni
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    Budget DIY headset press

    I have a similar one but with 2 sets of 3 washers rather than one at each side.

    Premier Icon wwaswas
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    I paid about £3 for the same setup from the Nut'n'Bolt store.

    Premier Icon highclimber
    Free Member

    £15 for that! I can get the exact same parts for about £5 from my local DIY shop!!

    Premier Icon Edric64
    Free Member

    Why comedy ? it will work fine.He's taking the pi55 with the price though

    Premier Icon foxyrider
    Free Member

    Now we shall see (as there are 4 for sale) if anyone is dumb enough to buy one rather than make one 😉

    Premier Icon RealMan
    Free Member

    Wonder if he will give me a discount if I buy 2..

    Premier Icon woffle
    Free Member

    he offers a full refund policy – ie. free 'rental'…

    Premier Icon Edric64
    Free Member

    All 4 for 15 quid maybe?

    Premier Icon hora
    Free Member

    Its a great idea but what mileage is in a simple (and easily bodged) press? Its not one of those 'genius/why didnt I think of these fool proof' inventions.

    You can easily have your headset going in a 45degrees with this thing -I know – I use a claw hammer to adjust 😀

    Maybe he is selling claw hammers as part 2 of the kit?

    Also- what next? old slender seat posts for taking out a headset?

    Premier Icon luked2
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    Max steerer length 150mm? Is that enough?

    Premier Icon jonb
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    I assume that's headtube length so it would be ok.

    Premier Icon Drac
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    Is it Fudge9202?

    Premier Icon benji_allen
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    Don't think that would work fine. That won't push the cups in square with those square washers flapping about.

    Premier Icon donsimon
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    Guy makes something.
    Guy sets price to sell it.
    People pay for it.
    STW criticises.

    Everything seems pefectly normal to me.

    Premier Icon Jammy111
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    i made a load of those at cost for people on here, as well as cup removers. costs about 3 quid for bits i used. he hasn't used penny washers as well, so im guessing that cost him the grand total of about 2quid to make 😀 Nice margins there if he sells any (i'm tempted to stick a listing up and undercut him lol)

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    I've had a similar one for years! 12" of threaded rod, 2 brass 'washers', each about 1/4" thick, 2 17mm nuts. All 'found' in my garage (ie nicked from previous place of work)

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    i bought a homade one off ebay, but it was a bit less rough arround the edges,

    1/2" threaded bar

    2 big 18mm nuts

    Some turned aluminium spacers which when turned 1 way fitted inside the steerer tube with a lose press fit, the other side was 1.1/8" so held the cups straight as whye went in.

    Works a treat, woudn't have paid for that though!

    Premier Icon avdave2
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    That looks like a coach bolt rather than threaded rod so how do you turn the bottom nut and stop the whole thing from turning? It doesn't look like the square of the coach bolt will locate in the washer and even if it did the washers would spin against the top of the headset cups wouldn't they?

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