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  • Cold commute this morning
  • s1m0n
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    Got down to -4.9C according to my Garmin this morning. No ice though!
    The old tin foil trick kept my toys warm though.

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    I have to say – I chickened out! The car’s thermometer showed -4.5C with us.

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    “kept my toys warm”

    I just accept they’ll shrink a bit. Or did you mean toes?

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    -6.5 between Darwen and Bolton. Pretty cowd.

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    Some bad driving aswell, had 2 nears in as many miles. Even got shouted at by the first one, after he didn’t look in his frozen up mirrors, I took the moral high ground as it was too cold to shout back.

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    -5.5 on the car thermometer as I drove to the station. Missed the earlier train due to the amount of time it took to de-ice the car!

    And walking to work from the station was SO cold on my face. It’s a stunning day here though, we were just discussing in the office how nice it’d be to be out MTBing in the Lakes or Peaks on a nice frosty fellside.

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    Toys could have a whole new meaning! Yep, toes!

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    -2 average and -4 minimum in sunny Manchester.
    I was going to do the extended route but figured that’d be pushing my luck on the ice front.

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    I have to say I gave it a skip, cycling home last night along the tow path in the dark was bloody freezing, was feeling hard until I saw the rowers out training

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    Water bottle froze completely on last night’s ride along with the gears. Most distressing was the completely frozen straps on my shoes! My feet were in agony and I couldn’t get them off.

    This is in the Deep South too, thought the house prices might keep the cold away.

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    “The old tin foil trick kept my toys warm though.”

    How does this work? Tin foil instead of socks?!?!?

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    quechua puffa under a windproof. #toastyton

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    Saddleworth was just toasty this morning  thermometer in garage said minus 8 .. Lake 303 earned there money this morning…  shame the dropper post froze ,,icy cable

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    -4 this morning – thankful for merino…

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    38C here in melbourne commuting home today, too hot for a fun mountain bike ride.

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    I’m glad I’ve got a streaming cold…no excuse needed.

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    Only about -3 this morning, but yesterday my Garmin said -9.7 when I arrived at the end of my 7 kilometer commute…

    Yeah, it sometimes get cold in Denmark! 🙂

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    Only -2 this morning according to colleagues who drove in. However feet got cold as my overshoes are broken. Been meaning to buy some for the last six months 🙂

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    No ice on the cars my way, but this morning felt really cold. Still enjoyed the ride though

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    My East Kent commute is between 8:20 and 9am, rarely see any properly crunchy frost, I get excited when the forecast says it’s going to be -2 during the night, with -1 to zero on my commute but it always means I overdress for it. This morning went off road, had to keep pace up due to time so got too hot in the sun. Disappointed by lack of proper Winter here.

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    You lot have it good! -12°C here in Oslo and super icy on the ground. Pogies have been a life saver the last couple of months!

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    Damn that was bracing much respect to Sealskinz for making quality gloves and socks, keeping the extremities toasty on the commute this morning, long day on the cards, so lets see how I fair and they hold up about 11pm tonight when I am on the way home

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    I enjoyed the ride in this morning. Cold but dry. Makes a change from the horrible wet weather we have been having in Yorkshire recently.

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    Been off the bike for 3 weeks nearly with a sinus infection. Normally walk a mile to the train station but I was at the dental hospital today, so I had a nice hour and a half sat in the pleasant warm interior of my car with 6 music on.

    I could almost understand why so many people drive to work – until I got near the city and the roads got clogged up with arseholes.

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    shermer75 – my strategy is usual winter socks on, then wrap some tin foil around toes before putting on shoes and overshoes. Helped me out this morning.

    I did look at the car and thought about driving in, but then had words with myself.

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    Minus three on the van dashboard.

    No commuting for me, but I did sneak a ride in…

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    -4 and lovely crunchy tow paths this morning , rather have this than the puddle fest of the last 2 weeks

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    Best conditions of the winter today on my local loop. Crunchy mud and crusted snow.

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    <span style=”color: #444444; font-size: 16px; background-color: #eeeeee;”>I did look at the car and thought about driving in, but then had words with myself</span>

    This makes you a badass

    Jeez!  I hate this new unusable forum!!

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    -8 on the moor between Kilmarnock and Glasgow this morning, lovely morning though.  Most of the cycle path was unusable after yesterdays snow.

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    Yes – best conditions ever. No commute so.

    Perfect tour in the woods.

    Rear mech froze solid so. Had to run single gear…. – o.k. two gear, have still a front mech. Took the bike out of the garage and guess it was still moisture / water in the rear mech.

    Beautiful tour so! But single gear is stupid!

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    Thought it was slightly milder today, no dramas with stud tyres fitted and wearing double layers on the hands plus feet… Just harder work trying to make progress with the studs and the ~1.6Kg of rubber, while filling the air with the sound of cooking bacon!

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    -6 along the towpath this morning, coldest commute for quite a few years for me going into Nottingham. Nice and dry cold though, no ice.

    Decathlon bargain basic long sleeved base layer, Rapha brevet jersey and my Fat Lad at the Back Gaffer jacket – thought I might be a layer short but got it spot on!

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    Cold or rain doesn’t bother me, it’s the bloody constant headwind rattling through the bottom of the Rossendale valley that does me. This morning was nice and still though. Looks like it’s picking up again for the next few days. ☹️

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    It was -5 ❄️ when I got up this morning 🕡 @ 6.30 to cycle to work, 🚴‍♂️ thankfully I soon remembered I had quit work in June last year 🎇 🏖🏝🍹 so I tootled back off to bed 🛏 with a cappuccino ☕️ and dozed off to R4 🎶 to eventually wake up at a far more suitable 10am 🕙 ready for my usual scrambled eggs 🍳 and more coffee ☕️

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    I’ve been meaning to ask, how do you prevent or deal with bikes freezing?
    I’ve had a freehub freeze and rob me of all drive, coasting downhill till it got warmer solved that, and a frozen rear mech, where someone had a flask of tea in their bottlecage and thawed it out.
    Any tips to end my travails?

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    You are all impressively wimpy I must say.

    Yesterday was warm for me  -18c

    Beats a few weeks ago anyhow

    -6c sounds like t shirt weather 😉

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    I got the -5 yesterday but oddly it wasn’t one of those cold days. A few weeks ago 2-3 degrees and a bit of moisture had me pushing  hard.

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    Only zero yesterday, but -4 today. Ok for 30 minutes.

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    How about -45C in the Yukon? They had to suspend the race as it was so cold the snow mobiles wouldn’t work and guarantee a rescue / support to participants. If things had gone to plan, I would have been there – maybe next year?

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