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  • atlaz

    Ask your doctor. Lungs aren’t something I’d be taking forum advice on (same as heart problems).


    Its not me the bloke who is halfway through fitting our bathroom came off his bike at the weekend.


    In that case let me alter my statement:

    Ask your doctor. Lungs aren’t something I’d be taking advice from a bloke whose bathroom you’re fitting who is asking on a forum for (same as heart problems).

    should have used latex

    seriously though

    I have no idea

    How long is a piece of string? There are differnt causes and different degrees of seriousness.

    Say 2 – 10 weeks?


    How long to recover from a colapsed lung?


    I tell thee, some of the questions on here!
    This condition could range from the acutely serious and life threatening, to a chronically collapsed lung that may not re-expand….

    The answer depends on the reason – a collapsed lung is not a diagnosis – it’s a sign, and could be due to (not to scare anyone) cancer, trauma, ‘popped lung’, and many others.

    As he knows it’s collapsed, i’m assuming he’s seen a medical professional about it, and hasn’t just diagnosed it from bodging up an x-ray machine from some old photo film, lead plating, and a lump of radioactive goo……??



    20 Lambert and Butler and some blutack should fix it.


    I’ve had two collapsed lungs. first time was a full collapse resulting in 3 weeks hospital stay and a long period of recovery after that. Second time was only partial, about an inch gap at the top of my lung which took about 4 weeks to be re-absorbed and clear.


    I did 2 weeks in hospital and another 2 or 3 recovery afterwards when my lung popped for no apparent reason.
    Spontaneous pneumothorax


    Well I punctured my lung with a rib and was in hospital for 2 weeks with a further 8 weeks off work, fully fixed in about 3 months IIRC.

    what caused it?
    Bird had a collapsed lung and several broken ribs and a damaged shoulder from a major fall on serre chevalier last summer.

    The main issue is with the other injuries lack of activity can delay healing. Assume 4-6 months if you have similar injuries. Also think about if the other injuries will cause other issues, like being unable to drive, the insurance companies tend to look badly on existing injuries causing lack of ability!

    if its “just” a pnumothorax 2-4 weeks should be a sensible window

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    Think the question the OP is asking is that he’d like to know when he can expect his bathroom to be finished… Sympathy eh? 😉


    I forced my shoulder into my chest cavity, it caused a collapse 40%, took a week to get most of the air out of the chest and i was breathing ok after about 3 weeks, i needed a chest drain so the soft tissue damage from that made it sore..very sore.

    i wasn’t back on a bike for 8 weeks though.

    but only cuz a tore my acj too.

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