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  • Coffee machine, again, but with a difference
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    I know there have been loads of threads on coffee machines and a lot of people love Gaggia but our Krups is starting to look like it is on its last legs after only 10 years of daily use so we might need a replacement. It does espresso but also makes filter coffee for leisurely Sunday mornings reading the papers. Can you still get such machines and does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks.

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    My recommendation is to get two separate machines. The ones with filter attached are not that good, it would appear. Get an espresso machine and a cafetiere (much less faff than filter) or just keep using the filter side of your krups (assuming it’s the espresso bit that’s broken).

    Another alternative is to drink americanos when you want a filter coffee. If I were to only buy one kind of bean, and I prefer americano to filter coffee made from espresso beans. Americano being espresso topped up with hot water of course.

    When I want long drinks though I drink lattes 🙂


    I’ve got a Morphy Richards one that you can have for the price of the postage!

    Rob Hilton

    When I want long a bigger drinks though I drink lattes beer

    De-poncified it for you, no charge 🙂

    Fiat 500L

    Why not just buy one of these instead?


    Buy a gaggia for espresso

    and then buy one of these for making filter coffee.

    All you do is place a filter in the cone, then run boiling water through the cone with the filter in. dispense of this water. put your coffee in. leave your boiling water for 1 minute to cool to the right temp (boiling water ruins the coffee), pour the water slowley over the coffee. Sounds like a faff but it makes amazing coffee! Google manual filter coffee and look at people’s verdicts on this method!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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