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    I spent 2 days at Coedybrenin this weekend. In that time I rode every trail and some parts multiple times. I’d forgotten how good this place is on average. It gives a lot of rocky singletrack and interesting features. Even the old trail across the road makes up for the boring bits with a rocky challenge on the snap, crackle and pop section.

    My only criticism is that it lacks challenge on drops and jumps or the old steep stuff that was all removed in the late 2000s.There are a few nice rock kickers. I spent some time searching out the old trail on the top of the hill. I eventually found it. The rock is still there but a lot of trees were felled onto it and some of it has been bulldozed during tree works. I really miss that section.

    I guess it was removed due to safety issues. The replacement trail is totally anodyne swoopy trail centre stuff though.

    I also had a good look round the old trail centre and found the original trail finish. It was partially overgrown but mainly still rideable. I seem to remember a great rock section right at the end of the trail along a wall.

    The stats for the weekend were satisfying!
    Sat: 55km, 1200m, 2400 calories
    Sun: 68km, 1500m, 2900 calories

    ps: I stayed with Hit The Hills at the bunk barn up the road.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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