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  • bazingaeuan

    Basically I’m having a long drawn out argument with Planet X warranties. My main pivot pin has always been torqued and kept that way. I discovered a noise that wasn’t good. Changed, greased and lined lots of moving parts and discovered that it was play in the main pivot. It isn’t apparent when bolted down and in a stand and wiggle the back end (which Planet X have done). It needs to have heavy sideways movement i.e pedalling uphill to create the grating noise of pin rubbing inside bore. There was obvious wear marks on the pin. Changed to a new pin and it was the same only after a couple of rides.

    My argument is that I’ve kept up my side of maintanence and therefore the tolerance/QC of the frame must have been out from the beginning.

    They have told me my frame is safe to ride. Which I don’t think it is as the frame/pivot pin (no matter how many new ones I out in) will fail. But they don’t care. What I’m most concerned about is that they say it is safe to ride when clearly it isn’t. It doesn’t help that you can’t talk directly to any of the mechanics or anyone who knows anything about suspension and linkage.

    My question is… Have any other codeine owners had issues or play within the main pivot?


    Mine was absolutely fine with over a years use. A mate has also had one for over a year with no pivot issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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