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  • Clicking noisy bike when freeeeeeezing!
  • anybody else’s bike do this? couldnt for the life of me figure out what it was, it got down to -7 on last nights 20miler, first 5 miles or so around -3 and everything running smoothly, then all of a sudden it hit super cold territory and my bike was clicking like mad when climbing, no other noises descending etc, but just a really annoying click when climbing…

    almost sounded like it was falling to bits! bloody great ride though!

    Yep… got exactly that last night at -6, same with a couple of others in the group as well. Mech sticking slightly perhaps ?

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    chain frozen – rode through a puddle, then stopped for minute ?


    sounds like the indexing on the gears may be slightly out….its hard to check this as adjustments are made off the bike with no real pressure on the transmission, but when you do put it under strain i.e. when climbing you notice it the most.
    try making small adjustments using the barrel adjuster on the shifter to see if it helps…
    or it could be that the lube/grease on the chain was starting to freeze up making the chain very stiff…


    Its obviousley a frozen moisture thing !,i try & blow mine dry with an airline after washing,even in the summer,prior to re-lubing,i appreciate not everyones got an airline,or you can just put the wife outside to sleep,so you can put it indoors somewhere warm…..;-)

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    cold knees?


    Lots of things get stickier in the cold, Hubs are a real fav for clicking more, oil cold or water in there freezing.


    wee on it.

    moisture in cables freezing, causing cable drag and mechs not fully aligning? We went out last night, wasnt as cold as you had (-3C) but the thick fog settled on us and the bikes and all the bikes were covered in a thin film of ice. Not going to be conducive to perfect mechanics!

    cheers guys – phew sounds like a commonish problem then, cant say as ive noticed it before and usually ride in winter though admittedely it doesnt very often get down to -7

    im running 1×10 so not the front mech, and defo not indexing, the gears were running fine really in general.. id defo say the chain is plausable though as it did seem to happen on 1 full revolution of the drive train…

    suppose it could be anything though, even frozen ish rear mech, or something similar!

    glad to know its not just me, never had this type of noise/click and with it coming mid ride at such a low temp i kinda thought it must be linked to the extreme cold

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