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  • Clegg Fly/ Horse Fly bites….
  • Premier Icon billyboy

    I must have swatted and killed about thirty of these creatures this month while out riding


    They’ve been getting me big time too

    Seems to me that after three or four bites I find it difficult sleeping…

    Anybody else get that?

    I would ask a doctor only by the time I get an appointment the summer will be over


    I’ve seen the blood running down my legs during a ride because of ****’ clegs, but I can’t recall any after effects other than another new insect-based phobia to deal with 😐


    I got cellulitis after being bitten four times the other year.

    I react pretty badly, that was two days in, my legs went purpley blue after that and swelled up some more. I hate the little bastard things.


    Good afternoon you’re through to nhs111 my name is meehaja, a clinical advisor… If you give us a ring we’ll. Be able to assess your bites and refer you to the ooh GP service if appropriate and you’ll be seen today. In the mean time, try antihistamines for the itching, paracetemol for the pain/ swelling and get the bite site elevated to bring down swellings. Any changes, if it gets worse or you have any other concerns, do ring us back. Ok? Bye.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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