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  • cooie

    After some cheapish 29er wheels, was thinking On One, but they’re out of stock until end of May. Other options are Shimano Mt 55 or Fulcrum Red Power. Anyone know if either are any good or could recommend something else around the £150 mark (can’t find anything cheaper!)

    Cheers Ian


    Do you have experience of them Kimbers? Had looked at Superstar briefly, but was slightly put off by negative comments on their stuff.


    I’ve had a pair of the Superstar Wheels for just over a year now. only head to true the back wheel and regrease the freehub pawls once. i would expect to have to do at least that with any other wheels. For the money, i can’t fault ’em.


    I have Stans Flow on Superstar hubs and they have been great so far.

    My other bike has Hope Pro 2 on Stans Arch which are lighter but a fair bit more expensive and arguably not worth the extra cash.

    I had heard of some poorly built Superstar wheels but no issues with mine, would certainly buy again.


    I was tempted by the Superstars but was also put off a bit by some of the poor reports of build quality. People who’ve got a decent set do seem to really rate them though.

    Found a great deal on the Fulcrums from a company in Germany, so ended up going for them.

    Early days but really pleased with them so far – not featherweight but not porkers either. Have been hammered over Dartmoor granite a few times now and are still running straight and smooth. Build seems really good. Graphics are a bit “in your face” but I quite like the way they look on my de-decalled KM.

    This is the company I bought off – arrived within a couple of days so can’t fault the service either. They’re showing as out of stock but a couple of other companies in the UK are now doing them at a similar price – Rutland Cycling included.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    not got any of their wheels but have their chain device, grips, qrs , and all been fine

    fwiw id buy the wheels but probably true/tighten them before i rode them, the hubs themselves get good reviews


    Thanks guys.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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