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  • Cheap small phono amp?
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    Rega Brio-R. Has a phono stage IIRC.

    Have a look for a second hand one (c£500 new).


    Help, my old faithful Nad 3020 amp is no more and I am looking to replace it with something smaller to link to my record player?

    Don’t want to spend a fortune either, not fussed if it’s old, anything worth trying?

    Would like to place the amp on a small shelf ideally so tiny would be good 🙂



    I’ve had one of these for years, always served me well. You might need the moving coil version though…


    Thanks jambourgie, there are some nice looking valve amps on that link too.

    Now that’s got me thinking, hmmm, valves 🙂


    We’ve got the Cambridge Audio one like belm. Very happy with it.

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    You could get a cracking integrated with an excellent phono stage for the price of a decent phono preamp.

    Marantz PM66 Ken Ishiwata Signature.
    Best MM phono stage I’ve heard, attached to a lovely amp.

    About £200 from a dealer, fully serviced and recapped.

    Best integrated amp I’ve heard, along with the old Creek 4040/4140.
    Which also have a great phono stage.

    If you like a smooth sound, Arcam Alpha 9’s are lovely things and you can add another power amp later.
    The phono stage is an optional plug in and is very good.
    Bit laid back for me, but a great amp nontheless.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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