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  • Charge Scoop saddle
  • Premier Icon aphex_2k
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    Anyone got one yet? Looking for a new saddle and was gonna switch from my Bel Air to a Spoon but saw the Scoop a few weeks ago here.

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    I just bought one this weekend, I have been struggling to find a saddle that is comfortable, initial impressions seem good after a 25mile ride on sunday morning, I should be out on it again tomorrow evening, so will see how I get on! Its a smart looking saddle too!

    Premier Icon thegiantbiker
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    I just recently got a Charge Spoon. After sorting the angle out, it feels brilliant. Doesn’t get in the way on the descents and you don’t slide off it on the climbs. Did 40 ish miles on the thing the other day with no arse pain afterwards too.

    Most importantly, it’s under £19 in a load of different colours at cycle surgery. I can’t think of what the scoop could do to be worth more.

    Premier Icon aphex_2k
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    19 quid is decent but I’m sure my Bel Air was a similar price. Just liked the look of the Scoop tbh.

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