Changing a motorbike fuel tap, oldish Kwaker – advice needed

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  • Changing a motorbike fuel tap, oldish Kwaker – advice needed
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    So the Kawasaki gt550 started spewing petrol out of the fuel tap this evening, after getting a good soaking in petrol, (always nice when you’re in your front garden on a busy’ish street) I managed to get the fuel tank off and on it’s side in the garden. The tap appears to have fallen apart. There are only service kits available and I think it may be a bit more borked so I’ve ordered a replacement tap of a breakers. I’m assuming it’s unbolt the old one, on with the new and new fuel pipes to the carbs and a breather pipe. Is this it? Is it normal to put any form of sealer between the tap and fuel tank? Will I die doing this?

    It’s pretty much as you say, unbolt old one/put on the replacement along with a new gasket to seal it to the tank/refit pipes. And with the old tap off give the tank a swill out to clear any debris in the bottom… simples

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    This may work for you depending on what you find when the tap comes off. Certainly helped on my bike. I have a 24 litre tank and used to only get 18 litres in on a fill.

    There may be two pipes of different lengths that stick into the tank. Both with little gauze filters on them. The long one is petrol flow as normal. When the level drops below this, switch to reserve and the flow is down the shorter one.

    I cut both of these back a fair bitand replaced the gauze filters. I can run 230 miles before going on reserve and I still have 30 miles left.

    Thats if you want to do this of course !


    As above, it’s just a bolt on part. Put a little instant gasket around the top and you’ll be rocking. 🙂

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    Cheers for the replies

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