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  • Chain tug for QR wheel?
  • Have an on one scandal single speed, that i’m changing from vertical to horizontal drop-outs.
    Rear wheel is QR – what’s out there in the way of chain tugs that will work with a QR.
    I know there’s the surly one, but anything else and anything cheaper?

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    Perhaps unsurprisingly….


    well b*gger me…been on the on-one site a 100 times and never seen they did a QR version. Either it’s new or i’ve just not seen the wood for the trees!
    cheers for that

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    The planet-x one is one side only so buy two if your QR is long enough.

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    Iirc when I had a single speed inbred with horizontal drop outs the on one tug was rubbish not actually being the right length to work so I bought the surly one instead. The surly also has a bottle opener on it

    That sounds about right kilo – a goggle search brings up an old STW thread there Brant confesses to getting it wrong!
    I have a number of half links so could probably get it to work.
    The surly chain tug is a lovely bit of kit (have one on road bike), i was just looking to save a few quid, but sounds like it would be false economy.

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    If its a threaded type QR axle you can replace the axle with a fully threaded and then use normal tugs.

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