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  • coopersport1

    Newyorker the big one! Worth all of it’s £80


    Pragmasis & Almax 19mm chains and squire locks are usually get defactor recommendations & simply would be the best option.
    Might not be as cheap as you’d like but then how annoyed/put-out would you be a losing your bike.
    Also it’s a one off purchase, and will last you a lifetime (within reason)…


    Pragmasis & Almax 19mm chains and squire locks

    A bit overkill maybe. You’d struggle to get 16/19mm chain links through your spokes and the weight of the chains means its not something you can just pop into your rucksack.
    This is a 13mm 1.5m chain and its a weighty little faller.

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    I’m with Zippy. I use Pragmasis 19mm in my garage for 3 bikes with a ground anchor and always go through the wheels as well so no problem passing through spokes.

    They are heavy, but OP said not an issue as staying at work. the lighter chain may be the right balance of deterrent at work though. How likely will someone turn up with 42″ Lewin bolt crops?

    The important thing is the 13mm with the squire will resist most easily portable/hide in your jacket type croppers I would have thought



    Any recommendations for a heavy duty chain / lock?

    It’s for leaving my bike outside work. We have proper bikestands. The location is outskirts of a sleepy town and the bike racks are in view of the offices / reception so really need something to slow down / deter rather than be 100% bomb proof.

    Weight not an issue as I’ll leave the chain at work.


    Mark F


    Sorry for the slight hijack, but while we’re here can anyone recommend a cheap ish ‘cafe’ lock to take out with you?


    Grum there been threads about it before now, but anything suggested gets flamed for being rubbish (which they no doubt are in reality).
    The best ‘compact’ suggestions (to me) seem to be the audible ones, that will warn you even if your backs turned for a second. Though all said and done I carry a Kypronite cable lock and motorbike mini U-lock for going to the ‘shops’.


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    How likely will someone turn up with 42″ Lewin bolt crops?

    Posted 36 minutes ago #Report-Post

    You’d be surprised at what those scrotes carry behind the seats of their motors, bolt croppers,baseball bats, axes,jemmy bars etc etc…


    Cheers for the replies gents.

    It’s a pretty sleepy town and the bike lockup is in full view of the reception / offices.

    Should any scrotes take a liking to my bike I guess I just want to delay them so someone at work would notice.

    My thinking is one of them wire locks – snip and it’s away. Whereas if they have to start using VERY BIG or Hydraulic croppers they probably won’t bother.

    If that makes sense?

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