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  • We have a cat called charlie & border called Jake. We live in a old Victorian house in LDN never an end to mice about every 6 months or so. Charlie caught one the other day had it mouth then let it go to play/kill it mouse got away. Jake was whinging at the cupboard where mice lurk so let him in there mouse runs out Jake killed it in less than a second
    Border Terriers all the way I reckon

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    Our borders were rubbish at killing small vermin, however one of our current cats is a psychopathic killer. I brought back a pigeon the other day, plus mice and rats.

    I think my old border more fancied taking on things bigger than her not smaller.

    I do miss them, but hopefully another will soon be on it’s way to us.

    Yup, no mucking about or unnecessary cruelty involved with terriers.
    Though we had a rat for a few weeks recently which occupied Flo, my Jack Russell’s every waking hour. The ginger Tom from next door left it on the doorstep last week.
    Flo now has bigger fish to fry…

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    We had a Jack Russell that was great at sorting out mice. We had a JR Lakeland cross that was better for cats.

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    tonyg2003 – Member

    Our borders were rubbish at killing small vermin

    Same here, useless

    Love this pic!


    If you say ‘mouse’ to my border it will go and sit and stare at the dishwasher for ages

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    same here. my border is useless at anything less than twice his size

    We had a cat years ago that used to chase the farmers collie. She brought back mice, rats, birds, rabbits, & one day…a stoat.
    She was evil!
    I’d say under normal circumstances that a terriers better but that moggie wasn’t quite normal.


    terrier every time. For speed of dispatch and sheer volume in a target rich environment you can’t beat them. I had a job as a rat catcher in my teens. Got paid per dead rat. If I went to a chicken farm that hadn’t been worked for a few years there would be thousands of them all hiding in the same places. Ferret in one end, jack russell at the other, they’d all run out in a long line and the dog would be like lightning, grab, flick, grab, flick.

    That dog loved her job.

    Ok it’s now 2 nil to Jake cat nowhere to seen & he dispatched of another this afternoon. Got a whiff of it in the cupboard wouldn’t settle so I cleared a few things out & boom it came running out & that was the end of that except this time he decided to eat the bugger 😯

    Last one on this if anybody is interested it’s 4-0 to the dog though to be fair the 3rd one was caught by the cat but dispatched by the dog.
    From my observations cat great at catching but can be shite at killing & vice versa for the dog. Also dog doesn’t do night shifts 🙂

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    Mine would do the same easily. When we were in Scotland last year a massive shoal of mackerel came in to the shore and were leaping onto the land, we were trying to chuck them back in but our Border had other ideas.

    Also called Jake.

    What handsome devil 🙂
    He’s now up to 5 I think I have an infestation 🙁

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