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  • Casio Protrek Watches
  • Im considering buying a new watch, specifically a Casio Protrek so that family can then give it to me for Xmas rather than another wooly jumper or a 6th set of bike lights.

    Just wondering if anyone on here have any real world feedback on the Pro Trek range ? Im certain that the ABC features will be very handy while I’m sitting behind a desk.


    I had one a few years ago. Unfortunately the light stopped working after 6 months and the thermometer and other sensors after a year. So really I ended up with a clunky £6 Casio watch. It has spent more time in a drawer than on my wrist.
    If you do get one I hope it lasts longer than mine did.


    For balance
    I bought one in 2003 and it was great until about 2012 when it stopped holding a charge
    Leave it in a sunny position for half hour and it comes back to life but no longer reliable enough to rely on

    I bought a 2500 this year and it has been great. It works flawlessly and feels light considering the size. The moon phase function is my favourite. My only concern is the depth of the watch but the bezel has taken a few knocks but remains unmarked so far. For the money it is perfect as my daily watch

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    i had a titanium one, with solar power, radio control. triple sensor, thermo, baro, compass.
    worked perfect for 3 years, then i left it on a bus, never to be seen again.
    i would buy another.

    I’ve had a PRG60T for nine years and it’s been faultless. It’s been through a lot of bike related abuse too. Recommended.

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    I’ve had it for a few years; it wasn’t cheap, (by my watch paying for standards; I know some people on here would consider it virtually disposable 😆 ) It’s survived a lot of abuse, but it is looking a little tired now. Bit disappointed that at the price point it still has plastic parts with a metallic finish that wears off in time. However it still works perfectly, and I really like it. Compass is good, and thermometer continues to be useful in proving that the house is too warm to MsV8…

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