Carbon IBIS, SB-66 or S-works enduro tedious which one question?

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  • Carbon IBIS, SB-66 or S-works enduro tedious which one question?
  • Premier Icon dexter

    Planning a year of uk Enduro racing, doing the mega and a bit of alpine pedalling thrown in to boot, currently have a Spesh enduro EVO which is more than capable for all the above but its true capability was in supporting my 16.5 stone bulk.

    Im currently training, dieting and the usual stuff to get down to a target weight of 14 stone, as im keen to be a little bit more competitive with a lighter weapon, so which one? any comment or advise would be greatlty received.


    Keep the Enduro, stick some lighter wheels on it. This, coupled with your 2.5 stone weight loss will feel like you have a rocket strapped to your @ss.

    mr plow

    I wouldn’t bother with the bike change for racing enduro tbh. Especially your first real crack at it. I doubt it will make any significant difference to your results compared to tons of training and careful setup of what you have. The evo is also nice and robust for the Alps.

    Now if you just have to buy a new bike and you have the wedge I would try the new S works enduro. :mrgreen:


    Air shock and forks for your current enduro? Plus as you lose weight, you need to be able to easily change your spring rate.

    +1 on the wheels too

    The others aren’t going to be any lighter, if any.

    The ibis may pedal better seated, the sb goes like a rocket, standing, mashing the pedals. The spesh is clasically spesh, in that it is intended to be very neutral, if a little squatty.

    +1 aswell on you losing weight being the significant difference, you’ll save 2-3 lbs maybe dependant on what frame/wheels/suspension you go for.

    Don’t buy an Ibis SB (IMHO)
    You’re too heavy for it, it’s not much fun downhill and it’ll squirm like a beast.

    Got mine last year and while it is good uphill it aint anything special downhill and like I say it squirms really badly in the back end. And I’m only 80kg, whatever that is in old money.

    If you’re thinking of the HD then that may be ok.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    IIRC there was at least one SB-66 on the podium in every category at the hamsterley gravity enduro. Make of that what you will.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Unless you are buying second hand you would need to buy from abroad to get a S Works Enduro


    Stick with the enduro evo (unless you can get an s-works carbon), lighter wheels would be a good option, but most of all i’d upgrade yourself: book in with Tony Doyle at UK Bike Skills or try Pro Ride Guides (try a FOF).

    Then you get new found skills, fitness, and a slighter lighter, quicker accelerating bike.

    I’m slightly biased: I ride an enduro, under 30lbs fully built, plus dropped 3 stone last year to drop down to 13.7st and i’m going to adding to my skills soon with a couple of riding clinics.

    Good luck and enjoy 😀

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Specialized Enduro! Never been a bad one yet!

    The SB-66 I test rode wasn’t as capable as my Remedy. Not tried the others.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    I lost 2 stone last year and treated my self to a S Works, best Enduro and best bike Ive had


    I would say stick with what you’ve got, and maybe buy a few lighter components (not that it’ll make much difference). Unless you’ve got loads of spare cash knocking about, in which case any of the bikes you listed would be an excellent choice I reckon,but probably wouldnt make too much difference to your results.

    This is coming from someone with a mojo HD (although I also have an older 2005 enduro). Enduro is not better or worse than the HD, just a little different.


    for the price of a carbon bike you could keep your enduro and buy a second hand camper van to sleep in at races

    sorry, did that sound like jealousy 😉

    b r
    Premier Icon dexter

    Cheers guys and gals, well that’s stumped me! I think i will just focus on the personnel weight loss and fitness, as you say Tracey I can’t get hold of an s works in the UK and thats what my sights were set on, cheers again all opinions were gladly received.

    Premier Icon cookies

    Just seen an S-works carbon in Harrogate… Just thought I would let you know in case the wallet was full of £7K worth of spear change.

    Super light – made my Enduro Evo feel so so so Heavy…

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