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  • nickewen

    Looking at this upgrade:

    However its a bit steep..

    Anyone know if there’s anything to stop me going to a breakers and picking up a 2nd hand intake manifold and then getting a remap? I reckon an intake manifold can’t be too hard to swap out.. If I can find a one in good nick that is.



    Do they port and flow their replacement manifold? In which case, their map wouldn’t be as effective with a stock OE and unworked one I would suggest.

    Unless of course you like to fettle your own?


    I’m not even sure what port and flow means… 🙂

    Off I trot to Google!


    The info there is a bit vague and not really helped by your post.

    Am I right in thinking the 330i engine has the variable length manifold but the 325i doesn’t but they are the same block etc so all you need to do is put the 330i manifold on and reflash the ECU with the 330i map?

    If so then yes I would think you would just have to get someone to stick the 330i map on your cars ECU.

    edit: the intake manifold looks like plastic so I doubt there is much you can do to fettle it. BMWs are pretty good anyway and their standard non-turbo maps are also pretty good which is why they probably don’t even bother tweaking it and just quote the 330i figures.


    Yes thats right for post Sept 08 25i models. It’s the same block N53 3.0l.

    Thanks for the info Andy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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