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  • moniex

    …..oh it also has no rust (apart from a 5p sized bit at the top of the bonnet, been there since we got it).


    mk4 golf banger, no idea why so many people bought these

    My OH has one, the 1.8T GTi. I quite like it. Comfy inside. Nice engine. Reasonable drive although not quite deserving the GTi label. It’s been reliable for us (barring the freak gearbox problem).

    I disagree with the VW vs Ford build quality thing, too. Our 06 focus has been solid since we bought it 70k miles ago.

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    I was gutted to have missed (don’t laugh) an immaculate FSH Alfa 156 2.0 Sportswagon with 65k at the weekend for £650 😥

    Plenty decent motors at that price and my Saab 9-5 estate is still going strong after 2 years of being an abused “workhorse”. Cost me £950 and repairs/servicing over the period of £550 and that included replacing a blown turbo!

    I would tend to go for petrol unless there is very good history as repairs as pointed out ^^ can be painful.

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    1.6 Zetec ford focus – facelift mk1, ideal.


    have a look at a jap car, something like this: 70K, FSH, a boot

    Nothing really to go wrong, at that price id not bother with diesel, just too expensive when they do go wrong. There might not be that many petrol cars here in relation to diesel but where they come from diesels are rare by comparison.

    Mrs had a 3 and while being nothing special it just worked

    How about a Mazda 6? The petrol engines are chain cam and bulletproof (don’t touch the 2.0 diesel – chocolate crankshaft).
    Big, comfy useful cars with all the toys and very reliable.


    TBH if I had a budget of 1-1.5k it’d be a petrol Mondeo or a petrol Focus.

    It wouldn’t be a Golf. The interior/trims give the impression that its a far more quality product but it aint. Its the same. Plus you might avoid the price premium (still) of a VW.

    Saying all this….

    Is a Passat out?

    Why not a petrol Toyota?

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    Good point on Jap cars – a friend had to get rid of his dad’s car about 2 years ago – early 2000’s Honda Accord – it was full spec. but green with beige velour interior, always garaged, very low miles, full service history, immaculate. Sold for less than a grand.

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    Golf for fun? Surely, the Mondeo’s more of a fun car! A 1.6 petrol Golf Mk3 will be about as much fun as diptheria (IMHO, of course). Mondeos are brilliant to drive, as are Focuses (Foci?).


    54 plate 307 estate any good for you ? 100k 10 month mot £800

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