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  • Tess

    Has anyone done this? Your stories please. I am looking for a big massive epic epic sort of ridiculous thing to do before decrepitude finally sets in and this mammoth marathon is tickin some boxes owing to the sheer ridiculous thought of attempting to do it.


    I know quite a few riders who have done it, they say it is very hard, and conditions are extreme. There’s a new race called Joberg2c which is 9 days but through lovely scenery and those who have done both say it’s a better experience. I’m doing it next year.


    I’ve heard it’s a bit crap. Zero tech and insects biting your chaff 24/7.

    Edit; That said it’s pissing here so I’d be up for riding in the sun anywhere.

    The local TV coverage suggests it is mostly fireroad type trails, but the scenery is pretty spectacular.

    Local bike mags indicate it is massively over subscribed, internet is too slow to check but my imagination has words like “prequalification” and “lottery.”

    I’m guessing you’ve already looked them up on the internet:
    Cape Epic
    Joberg2C (also some stuff on YouTube)

    Or you could do a stage of the Tour d’Afrique (blog from an occasional STW poster).

    Or the Grand Divide down the spine of the USA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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