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  • Can anyone beat Dunlop?
  • wrightyson

    Class above. As he said his bikes have given him an extra edge also. Mcguiness was over 40 secs off the pace in third I think.

    Bruce came pretty close today! Looking forward to the Senior TT on Friday.


    Astounding performance….can anyone beat Michael Dunlop this week?


    I think the weight loss has helped as well……


    Thanks for the spoiler 🙁

    Boba Fatt

    Thanks for that, can’t catch up with the TT till the weekend but luckily you’re here to save me some time


    I have to watch it with one eye closed, I can not believe how fast those guys are, I don’t know how there brain can take in the information to get round the course so quick, I just hope J/M doesn’t push to hard trying to come away with somthing


    Anyone else see the Joey Dunlop documentary last night. Winning a IoM TT hat-trick at 48 (my age!). Amazing guy, and it would seem a true gentleman in the best sense of the word.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Been great watching this on the telly this week. I’ve never ridden a bike but it really is an amazing spectacle.


    He’s a leg end- it’s in the blood 😉


    Joey was the most humble modest man I have ever met. He also carried out a lot of work for charity driving a truck full of clothes and food to children’s homes in eastern Europe by himself.

    Great to see Michael getting similar success.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I was over there in 2010 when Hutchy won his clean sweep of five in a week and I honestly thought it’d never happen again.
    I reckon Dunlop could well manage it this week, he’s on fire.

    I always thought that Dunlop would end up in pieces in a field somewhere before he won a TT but over the past year or two he seems to have really matured as a rider and has found what it takes to win TT’s. He’s won 7 already at 24 and the way he’s been riding this year I reckon he could be heading towards McGuinness and Joey’s levels of success on the island.

    Would be good to see Mickey D take all 5 but I just cant see it. McPint for the Senior win in my eyes.


    be good to see a title change so this isn’t a spoiler for those of us unlucky enough to be at work and out of touch with the latest at the TT…….


    11 spectators taken to hospital following a crash in the seniors. 1 seriously injured apparently. The rider is fine.

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