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  • Premier Icon chrisdw

    Anything by Osprey. Smaller size viper or raptor?

    MULE will probably fit your specification. But I’m not a massive fan of camelbak stuff.


    Not a Camelbak, but I’m looking at the Dakine Amp 18L. There is also a 12L (both 3L hydration packs) but it doesn’t have a waterproof cover or ‘deployable’ helemet straps.

    Premier Icon righog

    Mule fits the bill for what you need.

    I have been using these Bladders for Year now, I prefer them to the older Camelbak bladders as they have a lock.

    Cheapo bladder

    Merlin usually have good deals on camelbaks.

    merlin camelbaks

    Help please

    I have a camelback mayhem 3l which is a few years old and very large. A new bladder is around £30 so thinking of getting a new smaller camelback for around £50 Ebay price.

    On the mayhem it has a padded zip pocket I like for my iPhone and a clip in the bottom pocket I can use to never worry about dropping keys on trail when looking through bag.

    Pefect bag would be

    Smaller than mayhem
    Padded pocket
    Clip for keys
    Space for multi tool,snack and wallet.

    What can you recommend ?

    That sports direct one looks like a bargain.

    I lost the big bite end of my camel back and it is £5 for a new one, so thought I can get a new bladder for £30 with a big bite and then I thought I can get a new bag and bladder for £50.

    But the mule looks pretty good.

    I had a ride out yesterday without my gravity dropper and a bottle of water in my mayhem. Pain I the in the arse on both counts 🙂

    Another shout for the Mule. The right size for what you want, with all the features. I’ve had one for a while and its been good.

    I’ve got a Mayhem, Katie a MULE – I’d say that would fit the bill for you. I really rate the Mayhem though – sits flatter than the MULE when part filled. Have CamelBak dropped the ‘freeride’ range of bags now? I can’t see the Mayhem for sale anywhere

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    The most recend Camelbak bladders seem a bit unreliable. It’s all great on paper, internal baffle, quarter turn cap etc, but we’ve had two start leaking in the space of a year. Both where the hose quick releases from the bladder, despite never having used this “feature”.


    Can’t comment on the Mayhem, but my MULE is around 5 years old and has been fantastic. If anything, the size of it makes it tempting to carry around loads of stuff you don’t need.

    I really love Camelback stuff, and spares are readily available.

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