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  • mikey74

    Who do you use for servicing? It appears my options are JTech or Mad Elk Cycles. The latter are £40 more but appear to use genuine BOS parts, whereas JTech use Fox seals.

    They are still within their warranty and I assume using JTech will invalidate the warranty.

    Any experiences?

    They are Idylle SC forks and a Void shock.


    May be worth contacting Jungle to find out who the current approved service centres are. Loco and Jtech for out of warranty servicing but at the moment i think Mad Elk are your only option unless Jungle have something already in place having just bravely taken the brand on.


    Jtech for me – used him for loads of stuff and he fixed my vip’r when the old importers didn’t know what was wrong with it.

    And I wouldn’t worry about your warranty – Bos certainly don’t seem to!


    Why do you say that fbk?


    Ha ha – by the time you get anything back from BOS, the warranty term will have run out!

    Jungle are meant to be very good at what they do – lets hope that they can sort BOS out for UK customers

    Hob Nob

    Haha! Wishful thinking!


    Just do it yourself for the forks – I’ve changed the oil in my Devilles and am going to replace the seals tonight. They’re easy enough to strip down (much more so than my original 36 RC2’s).

    The likes of J Tech use Motul 7.5w oil which is easily availble from motorbike shops. When I spoke to Loco the other day, Jungle are supposed to be making the seals available after market but as one of mine is weeping slightly, I’m going to bung some Fox seals in for now.


    Other thing to consider with mad elke being in Ireland is postage cost, after R53 finished with bos, I had to send a set of mine there for a warranty issue with the rebound cartridge it cost me over £40 to send to them with the post office ! That’s a big chunk of change towards a service with either of the other guys.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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