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  • IA

    Cheers mugsy and mick – that’s some good info.

    Getting some seats put in the back of a commercial is something I considered, but seems to be a bit of a minefield getting it done so it’s all legal, and more importantly safe.

    Aye I noticed about the modutop – but looking into it that appears to have been an option stopped in 04? And the one I’m looking at is an 06 one, so shoudln’t be an issue.

    Was the one seat out to allow bikes to fit in better? How did that work out?


    Taking either single our double rear seat out is a good option for you, though the double may be a bit cramped for two adults. Thinks they’re relatively easy to bolt back in though…


    Aye, I’ve had a look at a haynes manual. They come out easily enough, and I’ve a garage to stash them in.


    Hi, having just got a new (to me) older shape on – re rear seats out – is it as easy as doing the torx on the floor hinge, if I undo them there won't be a hideous ping as the bolt inderneath drops off will there and does anybody know the torque to do them up to ??



    I removed my seats completely – a strange adapter bought from Halfords did the trick and I removed the whole seat giving an extra 4-6" of floor space and the depth of the seat in height – was useful. Didn't undo the hinge just removed the whole assembly.

    Only issue I then had was with the seat collapsed the belt adjuster wouldn't adjust…the fix was the turn the seats upside down and the belt restraining system relaxed itself and I could then use the seats again!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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