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  • Our wee lawn has never been great – always been a bit patchy and despite lots of seeding/feeding/tlc the patches have never really filled in.
    I have no green fingers or thumbs and short of getting someone in to do it, what would the STW experts recommend? It is a case of stripping and laying new turf? How to do? Rotovator and new turf rolls?

    When I say wee I mean about 3x5m tops.


    It sounds like low nutrient in the sub soil, you’ll first need to re-establish nutrient levels or even replacing the lawn will only be a short term fix.
    Chicken manure pellets are cheap and will help kick start the growth for Spring. Around 20kgs will do your lawn size for the year, mix with 50/50 general purpose soil and apply liberally from early March until early May. Cut the lawn as short as you can and apply the mix to around 10mm coverage, water liberally and allow the lawn to grow for around 2 weeks before repeating the cycle. Keep this going and you should be able to seed around late May as the soil will have enough absorbed nutrient to sustain seeding.

    See here for more info: – RHS Lawn Care

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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