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  • Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon
  • Premier Icon buck53

    Anyone riding this on Sunday?

    I’m riding as are a couple of people I know, my first experience of this type of organised ride.

    Looking forward to it but hoping the rain eases off a bit between now and then, might still wear waterproof socks for puddle protection!

    Despite only being over the hill in Milnrow I’ve not ridden all that extensively round Hebden/Tod etc. so looking forward to seeing a bit more of the area.

    I’ll be there.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    Im giving it a miss unfortunately as ill be nursing the hangover from hell.

    Youll need those waterproof socks!!

    Premier Icon buck53

    Youll need those waterproof socks!!

    Yeah, I’m anticipating a puddle-fest. Don’t think it’ll call for mud tyres yet though, looking at the course seems to be a fair bit of road as well as the usual hard pack. Let’s hope I don’t live to regret that.


    I will be there too, sealskinz socks are already in my bag. Probably going to be wetter than last year, but not as gloopy up on the tops as it was 2 years ago when the event was preceded by almost a fortnight of rain. Say hi if you see an old git wheezing along on a black blur.


    I’ lol be there suffering too 😉

    Weather forecast looks fairly good for the next few days


    Iv done this a few times now and I can tell you a few tips.
    It’s around 60/40 off road/road
    There will be a few sections through farmers fields. Keep your mouth shut!
    There are 3 really good trail sections if your handy make up time here.
    The feed stations are ace. Homemade cakes and flap jacks, mars bars, bananas, squash.
    The final climb back to the school is really, exhaustingly steep
    Its a great event full of great normal people from every level of life.
    If I weren’t ill id be there myself.

    I’m back this year after last year, 24 mile in came off broken scapular (shoulder) and 3 ribs!!!
    I hope this don’t put you off guys, go and enjoy!!!

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Not for me this year.

    Great ride tho – three top-notch downhill sections as has been said. Just enjoy it and have fun

    I’ll be back next year


    I’ve not done it for a few years but I’ve done this a few times,it’s a good way to get a feel for what the riding is like around Calderdale,as mentioned the food stations are great & it’s a friendly atmosphere.Just keep a bit in the tank for that hill at the end!

    Premier Icon Simon

    Well the weather was loads better than last year, which probably explains why I was 15 mins faster at around 2hrs 38m. Didn’t feel any easier though, my legs are ruined, I couldn’t sit down on the last climb as my thighs were starting to cramp.

    I’ve not done it for a few years but I’ve done this a few times,it’s a good way to get a feel for what the riding is like around Calderdale

    As routes go it’s fairly dull, it has a couple of fun descents though, it’s not a loop I’d do any other time.


    As routes go it’s fairly dull,

    Well compared to what we have in North Lincolnshire it’s a nice ride.

    Considering my lack of athletic ability and my training terrain I am happy with my 3hrs 45m.

    Thanks to all involved in the organisation and for the friendly banter from those I spoke to along the route.

    Premier Icon buck53

    I agree, the route wasn’t the absolute best the area has to offer, but as a 100% legit route that can handle 300 or so riders it was pretty good.

    Bombing downhill on tarmac a few times was disheartening but the three main downhills as mentioned above were great, even if I did manage a fairly spectacular OTB on the last one!

    My group was in the bottom 10%, the pace was seriously social but we all enjoyed it and vowed to be back next year to try and break into the elites at under four hours! 😳

    I enjoyed the well organised event, not bad time either at 2-47


    My first time riding this and was very happy to do it in 3 hours dead.

    And, coincidentally, that’s what my legs felt like on that last hill…

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