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  • gringojimi

    …and when it does actually seat, I’ve found that its just too thin to seal any punctures.

    Gone back to Stans.

    Premier Icon christhetall

    A sealant that can’t be used with CO2 – that’s a serious limitation.

    Thanks for the warning


    I stopped using it, seems incapable of sealing even the smallest hole..

    I used it too, it was shit.

    When I bought this product I searched for reviews and could not find any that reflected my experience with it and seen as single track always comes up when googling such items I thought here would be the best place to post my review!

    Upon reading many review I thought I would give it a go over the stans system due to tyre degradation issues that some people seem to have had with schwalbe (I am running snake skin TLR 26×2.25 nobby nics with mavic 319 rims). Upon receiving the kit everything seemed to be there as expected and wiggle delivered it very promptly.

    Fitting the system – The tape went on with ease but would not pump up with a track pump (as it said it should on the instructions!) so I removed the tyre and added two more layers of tape. There was much soap, hitting of the tyre with my palm, wrapping the tyre in ratchets, using a home mate ghetto tubeless system and sweaty minutes on the track pump to get the tyre to seat. Try as I might it would not seat with THREE layers of tape (despite the manufacturers claiming it would seat with just one layer). I then decided to try a CO2 cartridge, HUZZAH! the bastard seated. Unfortunately it would then not seal. After removing the tyre I found out why it would not seal and that was because the 150ml of sealant that I had put into the tyre had solidified into a rubber mix all over the inside of my lovely tyre. After this I decided it would be best to go to the LBS and purchase some stans (which inflated with the first co2 cartridge then was let down and pumped up a few times to dilute the co2) and I have had no further problems.

    After emailing the company they said it was entirely my fault and that my track pump was of poor quality (its a joe blow so is definitely not of poor quality) and that I shouldn’t have used a CO2 to try and inflate the tyre as that was detrimental to the sealant. My question to them would be, how am I meant to re-seat a tyre in a race without a CO2?

    Would not recommend to anyone considering the amount of stress it has caused me and the consideration that if you need to pop a tyre back on during a race the CO2 would actually cause all of your sealant to dry up and therefore stop working!

    My personal recommendation, just use stans.


    It was brilliant for actually getting a tubeless tyre inflated, but it dried out within weeks.

    Back to Stan’s now.

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