Businesses allocated car parking space

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  • Businesses allocated car parking space
  • My missus has two car parking spaces allocated to her business at a communal unit – she is sporadically getting people parking in one of the spots, that should be for her clients – even though there are signs up saying it is for salon clients only.

    Can she clamp a car legally for being in the spot, or at least threaten to on the sign?

    Any experience? She is getting tired of having to confront people and listen to their sorry BS.


    Just tell her clients to park across the offending vehicle and hers.
    Thats what we do here when our four spaces get used despite there being 6 visitor spaces. They park in ours because they don’t have to walk as far when visiting the call centre/recruitment company next door.
    They soon stop when either a client blocks them in or we park the LWB van across all of them.
    Seems petty but seeing as we’ve been here 9yrs now and next door 8yrs – it’s not like they don’t know.
    We did go through a phase of putting notices on their screens re clamping but had to stop when private clamping became illegal.
    Nothing stopping you blocking them in though.
    Or maybe putting a “polite” notice on their screen – using very, VERY sticky paper………


    Actually, it’s an offence to block cars from being able to access a public road.


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    Actually, it’s an offence to block cars from being able to access a public road.

    A fence is probably a bit overkill though, plus they’d probably catch you half way into installing the first strainer post.


    Just put a cone in the space. Then if someone moves the cone replace it by climbing on their car and putting it on the roof.

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    Lockable bollard with a coded padlock? Any visitors park in space, and have been told code.

    She has done the park across them thing, so it works, but there seem to be an abundance of lazy, couldn’t care less fresh people on demand.

    I’m considering a more powerfully worded sign, the lockable bollard is the solution, but isn’t a priority money-wise at the moment, but the removable bollard might be a short-term option?



    Use words like cataclysmic. that is powerfull word.

    Does she know which of the other businesses that visitors are visiting?
    Go and have a chat with them or send them a bill for the rental of the parking space.


    If they are “allocated” then are they in the lease/rental agreement? Try taking it up with the landlord.

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