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  • Off to Bruges in a couple of weeks for a long weekend. Any suggestions of things to do? Eateries? Bars?


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    Stay away from midgets on ketamine.


    +1 and the swingers bars

    Dont eat in the square- expensive. Enjoy 🙂


    I hear the alcoves in the park are lovely.


    Take trip on the canal boats. Not too expensive and you’ll see some sights with commentary. I didnt think the main sq was that expensive actually. Drink the dunker beer, well nice 🙂


    Brugge is a great place – good beer , good food, interesting buildings.



    If you see the legend that is Sus Cavo playing his barrel organ, you’re in for a treat. He must be well into his 80s now but a right character. Knows how to play a crowd. Although pricy, a carriage ride around the sights is a great way to get a feel for the place and to decide which bits are worth going back to investigate further. If you’re travelling by car, the best place for all day parking is the multi storey next to the station. I’d recommend the Gruuthuse Hof for food. Great fixed price menu. Lovely city. You’ll have a great time. I think the difference in culture is summed up by what’s in the shop window in the shop next door to the TinTin shop. If you’re taking your kids, you might want to avert their gaze as they walk past! Plenty of lovely little teashops and bars too. A mecca if you like waffles. If you like Belgian beer, the Straffe Hendricke brewery in the middle of the town may be worth a visit too. Lots of Belgian beers and unusual beer glasses for sale. V strong and “different” to UK ale though if you’ve not tasted it before – not to everyone’s taste.

    Thanks all. Yes will avoid midgets, swingers, and try not to get shot and fall off the tower 🙂


    Youtube Dom Jolly he did a pub crawl of bars in Bruges for a show in a series he did (abit violent mind- drugs and gangsters abound)


    +1 for Bruges beertje
    Check out cambrinas too, massive beer menu and the food there is great – think it was called mixed snacks or something, basically a mountain of meat and cheese – we christened it Meatsuvious.

    The frites vans in the square are ok late at night.

    Go up the clock tower in the main square and try to be there on the hour so you can be at the top when the bells ring, quite an experience!

    Hire bikes, you can be out on the canal tow paths in 5 minutes and have a great ride for a few hours.



    I was only there for 18hrs, but I would go out early in the day, I did it out of necessity but it was so nice to walk around the streets whilst they were empty.


    There’s s dreadful Italian called Venice. Avoid. Climbing the tower is a must do tho obviously.


    Drink as many different beers as you can.

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    Drink Kwak beer. No need to take a boat trip, it’s small enough to easily walk round.


    Another for the Brugse Beertje. Oude Brugge, Chagalle, Den Hobbit, Cafe de Pompe all worth eating in.

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    Tinners – Member
    If you like Belgian beer, the Straffe Hendricke brewery in the middle of the town may be worth a visit too.

    Spot on.
    The guided tour was interesting, the brewery is a lovely old place and you get a beer at the end. 🙂
    Even my 65 year old, teatotal mum enjoyed it. 😀

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    We hired a tandem for riding the canal paths. Also went on a boat.

    Lovely place.

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