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  • Premier Icon Kona TC

    the dead kid dies.

    Does that mean he come’s back to life?

    That’s where the Dr Who link comes in to play, I can only presume you haven’t spotted the TARDIS in the background 😉

    Premier Icon Kona TC


    Kona TC

    There’s a job for you in script writing for ITV.

    Why thank you kindly, whilst I might tell make up a good story I might need to work on my script writing skills 😯

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    And yor tpying. 😉

    Things that also need to be wrapped up.

    Will Mellor’s psychic character. As somebody has already alluded to…what is that all about? This isn’t the sort of program to go off at a tangent with “woo” and assorted mumbo jumbo.

    Was the kid at the start of this week’s episode DI Hardy? What was Psychic Will’s comment about Hardy having been here before all about? If Psychic Will isn’t actually a psychic then he must have something to do with the old Sandbrook case.

    Why has a tiny little place like Broadchurch got such an effing massive cop shop?

    Questions, questions, questions…


    Well done Harry!

    And it looks like the psychic actually was psychic… 😐

    And that David Tennant was a crap cop…killer gave it to him on a plate.


    Got to say I wasn’t really expecting to find out who the villain was in the first 20 mins – all a bit easy in the end!

    Been a very good series though. Mr T didn’t look so ill at the end did he, and JW still looked lurverly 🙂


    On the whole I enjoyed it, the mystery was a bit too obvious and I was hoping for a few twists and turns. There was plenty of padding and the ending with the fires was tacky. I would have liked it more if it was gritty. Perfect for an American remake/export.


    a suitably dull and drawn out ending.
    I can’t help but think that the original story/ script was shorter and better for it, then someone decided to stretch it and flog it.
    some very good acting though.

    not sure what the overall message was supposed to be. sympathising with paedos?


    I figured it was that there’s lots going on behind the seemingly quiet scenes but that serious emotional crime like this is usually pretty mundane – they weren’t all in on it, it wasn’t a paed0 gang, there was no cover up/conspiracy, etc

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    am i the only one who thought JW looked a bit like frank lampard? certainly no-one in our house agreed, but i think its the shape of her mouth when she was talking 😀


    not sure what the overall message was supposed to be. sympathising with paedos?

    As there were no paedos depicted in the series, I doubt it. The old shopkeepers wasn’t, his ‘victim’ was adult in the dictionary/biological sense. And Miller showed no signs of sexual attraction, so as yet no proven paedophilic angle (not to say that wasn’t his motivation though).

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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