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  • Brecon gap / Taff trail route from early 2000's.
  • tomstickland

    Years ago, possibly 2002 or something, I did a ride with a friend.
    He got it out of a magazine.
    It was the full Brecon gap ride.
    I’ve drawn what I remember of the route here:!212

    I’m just wondering if someone has the official route.
    I remember cycling through the end of Merthyr, but I’m a bit sketchy about the route back to the start after the big climb up from the Brecon valley.

    Did that last weekend as it happens. Came to around 35km altogether. Gap decent is pretty fun (even with hardpacked snow in places!).

    Was a struggle as I hadn’t ridden for around 4 months due to injury.

    Was OK, good views from the top.


    Tried to do that loop just before Christmas and had to turn back about 1/4 of the way up the climb to the Gap road (just after the gate)- about 100yds of sheet ice covering the whole of a short sharp descent didn’t really appeal! The ride up until then had be fun though and at least you didn’t get wet on the stream crossings (solid ice!) 🙂

    That’s still one of my favourite rides in the UK. I remember riding it in snow and ice last Easter as well.

    It’s surprisingly exposed given how close you feel to civilisation – I remember once seeing a group of riders ahead of us on the Roman Road just getting up towards the Gap and as they rounded the last corner before the gate a gust of wind took all of them straight over sideways 🙂



    Its a cracking route, think I still have the magazine route in a file back home.

    Drop me an e-mail to the address in my profile and I’ll check later and send it onto you if I have it.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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