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    On front braking on my 29er with Manitou Tower Pro forks, I’m getting pronounced ie: visible flutter of the lower legs. I’m going to be working my way through the different variables, such as different wheel / rotor ( the one on the usual wheel is a wavy rotor, I have another with a round one), new pads, etc., but any experience suggestions for the fork itself. Even if the rotor was causing it, I’m quite surprised by the amount of fore-aft flex in the lowers. Bushings worn?? Easy job,if so?

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    If you’re swapping between wheels and hence rotors it could be that the pads are slightly hooked over where they overlap the rotor on the one and this gives a bit of a bounce of the pad when it’s on the wavy rotor. Either this or like mine, the rotor overlaps on the inside of the ring and because it wears less where it overlaps, it bounces over the spokes whenever they encounter them.

    My solution was to take the pads off and file a chamfer into the bit that was raised meaning it would last longer before needing doing again.

    Hope that makes sense, if not I may have to do pictures.



    Had something similar before, felt very pronounced on tarmac. A 180mm Shimano rotor (round, not wavey), with a deeper braking surface than the round hope (with a braking surface that tapered off between spokes)solved the issue on the front, a custom Hope to similar spec solved the rear (160mm Shimano is shallower, suffering similar pad overhanging/catching spokes).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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