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    OK, so, back to square one. This is a pretty well used set of 2010 Boxxers- originally worldcups but now team/r2c2 spec with coil conversion. They work well enough but they do have a ton of resistance to initial movement- frinstance when pedalling normally they don’t bob. Once they overcome that, they move quite normally.

    What it’s not:

    Bushings- obvious choice, but I just changed the lowers and it’s exactly the same.
    Bent legs- rolled them on a flat surface, they’re spot on
    Just needs a service- just serviced.

    What it’s probably not:
    Tons of compression damping- both are adjusted full out. It’s possible that they’re not fully adjusting- I know the low speed has an adjuster fault- but I don’t think this is the case.
    Anything spring-side

    What it might be: The good stuff

    Playing with the damper tonight while servicing it… Found a wee bit of dirt in the rebound damper head, cleaned it out. It feels alright sliding the damper head up and down the shaft, but a little rough at the end (maximum travel).

    Also, it’s pretty noticable with the rebound damper that when you start moving it “up”, ie compressing the fork, in any position, there’s initial resistance which it overcomes. So, I’m kinda assuming this is the problem but I have no clue what could cause it.

    Not sure of any other likely suspects to check… Considering just firing it off to TF tbh. Any suggestions? They do work pretty well at the end of the day but they should be better.

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