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    Many things.

    Easiest is, external aerials should be absolutely vertical. Try changing WiFi channels.

    Long wire. Repeater. Homeplugs. Etc.

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    Google “pringles wifi” or “cantenna”


    So long as the electrical wiring in your house is decent Id highly recommend homeplugs. Brilliant bits of kit.


    If budgeting constraints allow (and you aren’t already) I’d thoroughly recommend going to Wireless-N.

    We had both connectivity problems depending on where we were in the house, and often a connection, but very poor signal. Since the switch to Wireless-N we now get coverage even in the garden, and have never suffered anything less than very good signals.

    Do check the specs. and compatibility of any Wireless-N stuff you get mind.


    Google “pringles wifi” or “cantenna”

    I remember bodging a reflective aerial thingy out of cardboard and tinfoil, to try to sort out the reception problems we were having in a place I lived in.

    It only went and bloody worked. 😯

    Went from flaky intermittent Wi-Fi signal to max strength. Even the IT feller that lived there was impressed.


    Anyway of doing it? My room is in the furthest point in the house from the router, and the signal sucks.

    I’m thinking some blue peter-esque tin foil and coat hanger job?


    I had a similar problem, I installed a Belkin Range Extender/Access Point upstairs in the house, it takes the WIFi signal and re-transmits it.

    Ditto Dibbs and RJ

    Edimax extender

    Signal used to drop off at opposite corner of house, installing this at midpoint (actually in the kitchen mounted to the wall) and now have full range throughout the house, back yard and even into the garage. Even the neighbour sees a stronger signal of it than their own router (tin foil now wrapped around my man bits whenever I go near it)

    Bit of a faff to set up (instructions are crud) so google forums for reference.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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