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  • wombat

    I think mine's great too, had it for two years now, I like the saddle though

    How do the two bikes compare? I've got both on my list of potentials… thought I'd decided on the HT but after a night ride on a FS Pronghorn I'm tempted by a FS now


    Just back from my first ride on my new Boardman hardtail, and I must say I am very impressed. I have already got the Team Full Sus, which I was very impressed with, but what really struck me about the hardtail is the speed of the thing. Compared to my old Kona HT (not a bad bike – a much upgraded Caldera) it is like lightning, and is far less uncomfortable over the tractor ruts and bumps.

    Very pleased with it so far, although the awful saddle will be the first thing to go….


    How do the two bikes compare?

    They are similar, as the kit list is close. The HT has a better spec (x10 instead of x9 etc) but to be honest I haven't really noticed the difference. The HT has the Reba Race forks with a QR, so do feel a little bit more flexy than the FS which comes with a bolt through maxle. The FS is longer, and obviously more comfortable (after all it has rear suspension) for the same size frame.

    Where the HT wins is in the speed – it is loads lighter and really fast – I rarely got out of the big ring last night.

    Where the FS wins is the comfort and 'idiot proofing' that rear sus gives you when you over cook a jump or drop!

    I would recommend either – depends what sort of riding you are after I suppose!

    I've recently replaced a gnarly 3kg Alu HT frame with a 1.7kg Boardman HT frame. The increase in ride comfort is especially noticeable. Saddle, post, wheels and tyres are identical so it's deffo the frame.

    The impression I got was that all ALU HT frames were uncomfortable – not true.


    I'm so glad to read this! I'm currently waiting for my Letter of Collection from the Cycle Scheme so I can go and collect my Boardman HT Pro. As I'd been waiting a few weeks the excitement had started to wain, and I'd even started looking at other bikes I could get (whisper it, even road bikes). This has just re-invigorated my enthusiasm for the bike though!

    Thanks 😀

    Yup – another very happy Pro HT owner here. But what were they thinking of with that saddle?!! Weighs nothing but OUCH!


    I was really pleased to find this thread too. I've just bought the frame and I'm slowly dismantling my old bike to build it up. So glad the people riding these are enjoying them.

    Premier Icon nuttysquirrel

    AlteredCarbon, which Pronghorn did you ride? This one? Good review in this month's ST.

    nuttysquirrel – It was the LT Trail I had a shot on – white with 'stealth' white graphics. Loved it!


    There making a LTD Boardman PRO MTB,Hybrid & ROAD bike too.
    MTB is white,Green graphics,Green XO rear mech,Avid Green hardware on brakes,Green Rebas too..
    Well worth 1k be quick as only doing 500……
    Will post a pic WEDS of all 3 bikes for you all…

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