Bluetooth receiver for hi-fi

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  • Bluetooth receiver for hi-fi
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    My beloved separates system is finally due to be moved downstairs to the living room which means the ‘aux’ input that’s been occupied by my p.C is now vacant.

    Like the idea of a Bluetooth receiver so that I can stream audio from my android tablet but worried about poor range and sound quality.

    So, tell me oh hive mind, what’s good out there?

    Wrong forum! Sorry!

    Just replaced my Bluetooth thingy with a Chromecast Audio. Sound is far better, no range issues and can be expanded to multiroom if you want. Might be worth a look.

    You can ‘cast’ any audio from your tablet as long as on same WiFi network, or cast from Google Play Music (upload your own music for free if you don’t subscribe), Spotify and BBC radio.


    Chromecast audio is the nuts! It is so stable, put some radio on for the plasterer the other day streamed from my phone then went to work for the night and it still kept going. Turned the amp on the next day and it was still going. Your phone, tablet or pc just seems to act as a controller to create the link to the router then it just streams from there? Well worth the £30

    I’d also go Chromecast audio


    Bought my wife one of these for Christmas:

    It’s brilliant. All it does is convert a bluetooth stream to analogue audio, which is all you need. Both my wife’s iPod and my Android phone (Xperia Z3+) paired with it in about 5 seconds, no codes needed – easy.

    Sounds is perfectly adequate from what I can tell. We’ve got it connected to a decent amp and speakers. It comes with a red/white phono to 3.5mm jack cable, and usefully, the device has both jack and phono outputs, so you can run this cable either way round, depending on what the input sockets are on your amp.

    It comes with a mains adaptor, so it uses up a power socket. That’s the only negative I can think of.

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    Chromecast audio wont let you stream YouTube Audio only which is how my wife and kids listen to music, so no dice.

    Like the proper HiFi outputs on the Logitech. Happy to stump up a bit more for better sound though, looking at the arcam mini blink now.


    I’d suggest Chromecast audio or a raspberry pi with DAC setup but it sounds like that’s not what you’re looking for.

    Before goiing down the streaming route I used a Sony BM10 bluetooth reciever with my separates system and was very pleased with it. It uses aptx so is much better quality than standard Bluetooth if your source can output it, has proper rca outputs, range is a selling point, allegedly 100m I think from memory.
    Its now unused so could sell ob if you’re interested in going that way BTW


    How do you listen to youtube audio only? You can mirror screen for apps that don’t support chromecast.

    Yup, from within the Chromecast app you can cast audio. This lets you send YouTube audio from a device to the Chromecast, just not from natively in YouTube. Works nicely though and means you’re not stuck to the apps with Cast built in. There may be some lag if you are bothered about syncing with video.

    I was about to ask the same question, there are loads of them on Amazon.

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    I’ve got a Logitech bluetooth adapter ( not the one above as mine is a few years old, but similar)

    Works faultlessly, it was only £25 too.


    if you do end up with bluetooth look for one with APTX (if your devices support it) as it will be better quality. Something wifi like a chromecast audio would be my choice though.

    Very pleased with my 20 quid Amazon Basics bluetoorh adapter


    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Only thing is I listen to loads of music stored on my phone memory so the chromecast presumably won’t work and the logitech doesn’t have wired input for those days I’m never far from the hifi so don’t want to drain the battery.

    Any suggestions for one that’ll suit me?

    Chromecast Audio will do that from phone memory, as long as you are on WiFi.
    You can use the Play Music app, or an app of your choosing and the mirror function.


    I’d still prefer one with a wired option as my car doesn’t have wifi

    You mean a wireless device with a wired passthrough also? Could be harder to find.

    You could just unplug the wireless dongle you choose and plug your phone in when you need.

    But if you put your music on the free Google account, you could stream to a Chromecast with zero phone battery drain once triggered.


    Good point, I think I’m trying to over complicate this

    Or do what I do – you can plug your phone in and charge somewhere else while the music streams over bluetooth. Find Bluetoth pretty gentle on battery anyhow

    Something like this does Bluetooth and also has a port for charging, but if are using it for both at once there’s no point using the Bluetooth connection, just plug the audio in for better sound.


    I’m basically just a massive idiot.

    Was looking for bluetooth speakers for home and the car, then spotted these and thought the sound would be better through the hifi (forgetting the car), got concerned about battery life, decided pass through would be better, then remembered the car but forgot there is no jack input which is why I wanted speakers in the first place… I think I need a strong coffee to wake up.

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