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  • Bioethanol fires – experiences please
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    Thinking about one to replace a radiator I’ve had removed as for various reasons as a proper wood burner is going to be problematic.

    It seems to fit the bill, if all the supplier blurb is to be believed and will not be the only heat source (another radiator in the room of approx 20 m2) so experiences, good and bad welcome, particularly on the amount of heat generated and running costs.



    Have got that we occasionally use outside, have never tried it indoors but I don’t think it would be great at heating a room. my friends and family also think I am mad storing quantities of highly flammable liquid in plastic bottles in my house…..

    Premier Icon Woody

    I had never thought of them as anything other than a bit of decoration until I got my new chiminea yeasterday.

    Low and behold, there were instruction for using it indoors with ethanol and that got me thinking. Soem of themn put out 2 Kw of heat apparently ……………

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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