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    Worse post to do got up this morning to go for a ride, just about to make breaky and noticed the side window to my garage blowing in the wind. Feckers………. 2 Bikes gone. Strange though they left my brand new (first ride yesterday) DMR and new children’s bikes that weren't locked and took my Cove Handjob and wife’s Specialized FSR Comp, that were. Only good point is my "proper" bike (Titus Elguapo) was in the house ready to go out this morning, so guess I get the last laugh……Did I mention Feckers……..

    Details below.

    Small Specialized FSR Comp – 2008 Model. Standard apart from forks swapped out to Recons from Tora's.

    Cove Handjob Orange (well it was last night) 17' frame, I think its a 2007 Frame, but I got it new from Oneplanet this July. Reba forks, Elixer R brakes, Mountain King on the front and race king on the back. Mainly Ritchie. Pretty distinctive, so I'll know it when I see it and they know me. Even worst of all it had my Lupine Wilma 5 on the bars, Got to be useless to them cos they've left the charger. Did I mention feckers……….

    But they didn't get this one and its living in the house from now on(insurance will be pleased)…. 🙂 so **** you.

    Premier Icon GrahamA

    Bad news, will keep an eye out for them. Have you posted them on the CCM forum?

    Hope the insurance comes through for you.


    Chester Chunky Monkeys aka I'm also on the wirral and will keep an eye out for them although I suspect if the recent thefts from the chester area are anything to go by ,runcorn/widnes area is a better bet.:-(

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Mark from the CCM has copied this link over.

    We'll all keep an eye out for you.

    I've also put it on the Woollyback of St Helens forum so we will look out for them this side of the mersey for you.


    i,m also on the wirral.will keep eyes peeled.where abouts are you.i,m in greasby but work around the wirral if that helps.
    what,s the bike at the bottom.looks sweet.


    John, Sorry to hear that. I'll certainly keep an eye out. I hope you get a result with the insurance at least.


    sad news mate,scum of the earth

    i am over the water i will keep my eyes peeled for you

    may there quick releases snap at high speed

    Thanks guys, was just a sickening feeling this morning. All ready to go out for a quick morning blast and all. Garage has recieved some major upgrades today (although it wasn't bad to start with).

    Police were pretty good, here in an hour, but not a lot to go on. They think it was probably 2 local scumbags (bike each to ride home) as apposed to a pro job who would have more than likely taken the DMR and the childrens bikes.

    Insurance have been good so far, already passed my claim on to wheelies (who say they can replace the Cove) to replace our bikes and light.

    Fingers crossed should be sorted quickly. Helps, but still really pissed.

    Rob its my Titus El Guapo. Can't believe how lucky I was that it was in the house. Any other night and it would have been outside and probably long gone.

    Probably wont sleep tonight…


    Where on the Wirral do you live?

    go and hunt them down ,you will know where to look !

    they are that stupid they will be doing wheelies outside a parade of shops somewhere

    if you find them drive over them

    by the 3 stags ?

    By St Andrews church


    From Barnston, will be out and about locally tomorrow with eyes peeled for robbing scum in trackies, reeboks and 'northface' coats finding it hard to ride

    Good luck in recovery.

    Both my bikes are kept indoors under the stairs, couple of ground anchors with front wheel removed and hidden, still not 100% safe but makes me feel more comfortable. Ironing board, hoover and rest of understair junk now rehoused in garage, alot easier to replace if/when garage gets screwed.

    Eyes peeled

    my sister lives off poulton road so i will tell her to keep an eye out for you ….

    planning to go for a drive before bed tonight


    Bloody Hell SiB thats good security! I live in Heswall and Given johns misfortune methinks I will need to get my act together!

    anyone up for a bit of vigilante bike reclamation ?


    Surfer – it just makes me sleep easy at night, as does having the dog roaming downstairs

    Got to find them first. I'm a local lad (39), if I find them I'll be taking a few close friends and family with me for the chat. Big "if" though.

    Bit of an update. No news on the missing bikes (I will find them, one day), bugger!!! But my insurance company have come through (mostly) pretty quickly. The only down side was my light was included in the value of my bike so lost out "a bit" there, but they did pay up for my jacket. But I'll be upgrading my light to one of Chris's nice Troutlight LL's(Thanks Chris). Replaced my wifes bike with the new FSR XC Comp. Decided to go for something different to replace my Cove (couldn't bear the pain, sniff sniff). So one of these is putting the smile back on my face.

    Garage and bike security have been heavily upgraded.

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