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  • Bike Park Wales weekend cancelled. Suggestions for alternatives, please!
  • core

    Forest of Dean not too far, could be in Brechfa in 1 1/2 hours…….

    Black Mountains may be an option, but a fair bit of navigation required I believe.


    Brechfa & Cwm Rhaedr? It’s a bit of a drive from Merthyr, but well worth it!

    Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

    We did Brechfa last time and although its one of the best trails i’ve ridden in S Wales it’s a bit too far to drive from Southampton (we’re only driving up on Saturday, leaving Sunday)

    I’m tempted by FOD as the equivalent journey time is the same as driving up and going to Afan/Brecon. Plus there’s the new bit of trail, isn’t there?

    I’ve not heard of Cwm Rhaedr until today but will be bookmarking it for a future visit. Thanks!

    Muke, source please!

    From Merthyr, both Brechfa and Cwm Carn are well within striking distance. Afan is a little light on fun at the moment, so I’d go to Brechfa instead.

    Edited having seen post above! FoD is pretty good fun for a day, very different to riding in Wales. So, you could do a Cwm Carn and FoD trip. CC isn’t too far from Merthyr.

    Oh, and be sure to enjoy a Saturday night in Merthyr….

    You think Bevois Valley is an interesting spot? Oh no, not a patch on The Vulcan….!

    Being 1/2 numpty I’ve only just realised that BPW is closed this weekend for the Welsh DH Champs and we have booked some accommodation in Merthyr.

    I’ve been looking for alternatives and have only been able to find the following:
    – Brecon Beacons
    – Afan
    – Cwmcarn

    I’ve ridden afan and cwmcarn quite recently so the Brecons appeal but I’m a bit put off by the videos i’ve been watching of routes like the Gap – it just looks like an XC slog with very little singletrack.

    So the question is, is it worth doing? If not, are there any alternatives which offer a more exciting ride?

    There’s a few caveats…
    – I’d prefer to keep the route to 20-25 miles or less.
    – As much singletrack as possible
    – I don’t really want too much in the way of complex route finding, I’m not that experienced and I’m going with a group who I’d rather not worry with wrong turns etc.

    Can you help?


    Having just come back from a weekend in S Wales Brechfa would be my choice, thought it was fantastic, also a couple of laps of Cwm Rhaeadr is essential. Do the extra miles you won’t regret it.


    Oops… In the same boat mate. Heading to wales tomorrow.. Glad my poor preparations prevented me booking accomidation.
    Best start planning…


    Bpw isn’t closed, but some of the trails are.
    2 blacks,1 red & 1 blue are closed as they all meet at the tunnel where the race will be going through.
    There’s still a red & a blue open which are both great fun and need to be ridden 3 times each to cover all the split offs once. I’m going to ride those Sunday and watch a bit of the racing.

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    A kind fellow off here sent me a loop out of Crickhowell, happy to forward it if you email me

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