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  • Boba Fatt

    Other than the obvious, what’s also worth a look these days.

    Haven’t been cycling for a couple of years and all this 29er this/650b that is all a bit confusing. I used to pick up Dirtrag from Borders from time to time, but haven’t seen it anywhere else. I see DIrt is going the way of the dodo and I tried MBUK but the 7 grand specialized they were raving about has put me right off (might have just been an off issue)


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    It’s all beards, money and chasing the last remaining niche.

    I’d buy a trials bike.
    One with an engine.


    I think MBUK has the widest range of articles, bikes etc now tbf.


    MBUK has vastly improved over the last few years, imo, and is one of the better mass-market UK-based mags. Yeah, they always have a ‘superbike’ section, but the last one I bought (couple of months ago) also had a whole review section of £1000-1500 FS.


    Have to agree as a kit reviewing mag goes MBUK wins plus they go right down to basic bikes at least once a year.


    Spend some time in WHSmiths and have a look at the ones that are left.

    Also try Cranked if you want something different, (you cant buy it in a shop)

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    Does the slug-faced one still work there?

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    Zinio might be your friend if you like DirtRag as you can subscribe digitally and get it delivered straight to your tablet etc.

    Also on Zinio, Bike (currently about £5 for 9 issues on Zinio – bargin), Mountain Flyer (US mag, good long form articles), Bicycle Times (from the the makers of Dirt Rag and more about general cycling, bikepacking etc) and Spoke (NZ based some good opinion pieces).

    Having mags on your (big) phone or Tablet is ace if you travel a bit.

    I’ve not bought MBR/MBUK/WMB for years, no idea if they are any good as they are always in bags when I see them at airports etc.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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