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  • pjm84

    plus 1.

    Snapped a bolt. Asked if I could buy a new one. Sent one out FOC.

    Just a note to say thanks to the service guys at Hope for sorting out my bottom bracket- great customer service. Thanks guys!!

    I wish all bike component firms were like that!!!

    Gave me a new hub last week after the shell cracked – legends.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Yep, had a freehub disintegrate on me. Bike shop said they replaced it. No questions asked.

    I will always buy hope when i have a choice of components now.


    Hope= very good customer service, hence all hubs etc are hope on my bikes.


    I once called them up to check what part I needed to order for my brakes and they sent it to me FOC. I didn’t even have to pay postage.

    It wasn’t even a warranty issue, so they had no obligation.

    They’re really great folks.


    Same here. Damaged my lights recently, fixed and couriered out no questions asked

    Premier Icon somafunk

    From a bike shop mechanics perspective it’s also Hope all the time/every time as well for us, any problem we have with Hope stuff (which is pretty rare to be honest) no matter how old or obsolete the item we can pick up the phone and speak to same person at Hope everytime and problem is sorted and stuff arrives in the post next day, quite often FOC.

    From a personal perspective?, i’ve got Hope Hubs (ti glide) from 1994/5 and they still run smooth as silk, perhaps two bearing changes in well over 60,000 miles.

    Sometimes i think of buying hubs with slightly faster engagement or perhaps saving a few grams in weight but nah!…..Hope stuff just works time and time again.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Hope fixed my R4 light last week, posted it on Monday got it back good as new on Thursday. It was out of warranty and the problem was probably due to me hitting the lamp on a branch a while back. Fantastic service:-)


    For balance, had to wait two weeks for a lever clamp from a 3rd party after Hope refused to sell me one direct.

    Not saying they had any obligation (they hadn’t), just that they’re not that legendary in my experience!


    If you had even visited their factory and seen the boxes and boxes of parts you’d understand that it’s not so onerous for somebody to stroll over, pick up that pawl or seal and pop it in a jiffy envelope but yes, their after-sales service is excellent and they’ve sorted me out a couple of times.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that so much is made by CNC machining they would be a massive employer in the old mill town of Barnoldswick and better known than they are in the town.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I phoned them a few months ago to ask about the bit to convert a seat clamp qr to bolt up – the guy was very helpful and sent me the part free of charge. Great service

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Well I’m not happy, having spent loads of money with them I have never been able to use this amazing warranty service as it’s all still working fine.

    Though I did get 2 sets of brakes bled and set by Hope at the mega FOC.

    Edric 64

    Sounds like it`s a good job their customer service is good if their products break this often 😆

    Premier Icon iainc

    Interesting how Hope threads and Endura ones always go the same way 🙂

    plus one

    I sent my brakes back for a service and wanted new braided hoses and bore caps fitted… They could do service but not
    The braided hoses/caps as this was a dealer job 🙁

    The chap I spoke to was adamant they couldn’t do it .. I asked to speak to one of the head men and he sorted it 🙂

    Previously my lbs (non hope) dealer bled my brakes badly with wrong fluid 🙁

    Contacted hope sent them back full service/new pads free of charge 🙂

    They always get my business..


    Lesson learned for me then, next time I’ll just send the broken part in for ‘service’ instead of trying to buy a replacement off them.

    No wonder they’re popular!


    Had the same great service from Hope on a couple of occasions.

    Once for an obsolete part. In the post free of charge!

    The other time was for a bespoke rotor 150mm. Apparently they made some years ago so offer to make another for me. Paid Wednesday afternoon through LBS and it arrive Friday morning all for the price of a standard part.

    For a couple of posters above the reason they will not do some things is that they would then be taking business away from the dealer network. Let face it it should be easier for us all if our local store can address any issues for us.

    I know that if I was a dealer for a brand and they kept doing stuff direct I would not be happy. After sales for warranty issues and broken parts though is a different thing and I am sure that by Hope having broken/damaged items returned they use this for future product development.


    Sounds like it`s a good job their customer service is good if their products break this often

    Considering most of this stuff is way out of warranty it’s pretty good IMO..
    I’ve received the same service for bits way out of warranty without any quibbles so its all good, unlike other company’s no quibble warrantys that were quibbled to death during the warranty period…
    I’ve never known Hope to say ‘its your fault and we’re not fixing it’ ever…


    Completely understand that they wouldn’t want to take business away from the LBS’s.

    Post was a little tongue in cheek although I was a bit miffed they wouldn’t help out after I’d told them I couldn’t find stock anywhere and was obviously looking for a quick replacement to get me up and running. And a fair bit cheaper than the two sets of pads they’ve been giving away!

    Premier Icon debaser

    After six years in a rock solid Merlin wheel build my Pro ii sort of exploded, leaving a big crack along the hub body, a half dozen snapped spokes and a long walk out of the woods. Could have been worse, I’ve been on a couple of rides this year where it would have been a total disaster.

    Anyway, given the age of the hub and the abuse it has taken I really wasn’t expecting a replacement, but sent it off to Hope to ask what they thought had gone wrong and if there was any way I could have prevented it.

    In the meantime I got Merlin to build me a new rear wheel to get me out and about again – 3 days from order, through build to delivery and out riding again.

    New hub (aside from the freehub body) has just been dropped off by FedEx 😀

    TLDR – Hope (and Merlin) are entirely made of win.


    +1 I dropped my district rear light and broke part of the bezel, called them up to see if I could buy a new part instead of the whole unit and they sent a free replacement part out to me which arrived the next day!

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Similar experiences here with Hope.

    Hopefully, Dave Hinde is going to be breathing down their necks for customer service soon. Possibly.

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