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  • robdob

    I had to upgrade the hubs pretty quickly on my pitch as the big standard Shimano m475 (not as good as Deore) had crap sealing and the free hub seized. Went for Pro2 Hope hubs.
    Just sold my Avid brakes and went to 2013 SLX. Braking not more powerful but should be more reliable and lever feel is ace.
    Standard Spesh Eskar tyres are amazing though. I bought more of them when they wore out.


    No what you mean on the brakes, just waiting for them to inevitably die before going to shimano
    Hubs all fine
    I love the eskars, tried high rollers and hated them, those purgatorys got great reviews in mbuk this month, just don’t know much about how they compare to eskars…

    On-one chunky monkey tyres are far grippier (and cheaper) than spesh purgatorys if not bothered about weight

    750mm seems right to me. You might not notice a HUGE difference over 720 though. I like Easton Havocs (I have them on 2 bikes). Cheap from here.

    What BB does it need? Try Rose cycles for a cheap Shimano HT one

    Agree with the ‘good wheels’ suggestion though. Everything else on the pitch looks alright. Once you’ve got controls (bar / stem / seat / pedals) sorted, maybe save the money for when some stuff wears out? The things like drivetrain and brakes especially are perfectly alright until they start feeling terrible, then I’d upgrade.

    +1 For Eskars, purgatory’s are the wet equivelant (Eskars are my all round summer tyre, purgatortys for the winter).

    Nukeproof bars got my cash (and probobly cut down to 720 to fit between trees), the spesh bar IIRC weighs a ton. Or the Ragley wiser carbon is very light and the same width as the spesh bars.

    The spesh stem is pretty light and flexy, ironic given the bar it comes with. Again NP are good value.

    If it’s shimano, get an XTR bb from Rose for £16 and grab some other consumables/parts to spread the postage cost out (or just a spare BB or two).

    I like Ritchey WCS foam grips, but appreciate I’m in a minority using them, but I reckon thats because old foam grips were crap.


    Just got some 740mm fatbar lite for my Bfe, up from 711.


    Got bout £200 to spend upgrading my BFe (all other parts from a 2010 spesh pitch pro). I’m happy with my drivetrain/brakes/forks and wheels so where should I spend it? So far I figure
    SS nano pedals
    Da bomb grips
    Sombrio shazam boots
    New spesh purgatory tyres, not fussed with weight, just GRIP!
    Possibly a new bar, think I’m on 720mm wide, so some cheap superstar?
    New BB, around £30?

    Anything else I should look at?

    Most at home riding STEEPS/am/dh, not fussed by riding uphill have an anthem for that!


    Bars I’m interested in, losing a little high up weight would be good, it’ll counteract the 1/2 kilo Joplin I just added!


    Those eastons look nice, but the superstar kit seems decent for the money, really want more bang per buck


    Spank subrosa for me ,in chrome and a easton havoc stem in OJ,then i gotta wait for DVO to bring out single crown forks or go Lefty?


    The carbon DT Swiss are fricken awesome though if any one wants to go 50/50?


    So I opted for
    Superstar bb, 780mm bars, nano pedals
    Da bomb holy sh1t grips
    Five ten Danny macaskills
    On one chunky monkey

    Shake down ride went well, thanks for the advice all

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