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  • Janesy

    Thanks for the headsup.


    I’ll keep a close eye on my bath then


    Sounds like the gang active in Bristol are branching further afield (or copycat?)

    Owners of high-value mountain and road bikes are being warned to be extra vigilant about protecting their property after a number of shed and garage break-ins in Bath and North East Somerset.

    There have been four burglaries in the past week where bikes and cycling equipment worth around £24,000 have been stolen. Police believe the thefts may be linked and that someone is specifically targeting properties where bikes are known to be stored.

    Police think the bike owners may have been identified as riding high-value machines and followed to their homes. They say cyclists should be aware of anyone acting suspiciously or tailing them. If they have any concerns they should take a good description of the suspect person and call the police.

    The latest break-in happened at a shed behind a house on the Bristol Road in Keynsham. Three mountain bikes each worth more than £1,000 were stolen, along with wheels, pedals, a helmet and a satnav.

    On Sunday Aug 14 a garage was broken into at a house in Combe Park. Three mountain bikes and three road bikes were taken.

    Three mountain bikes were stolen from a shed at a house in Rosslyn Road on Wednesday Aug 10. And a helmet, lock and road bike were taken from a garage in Manor Park on Tuesday Aug 9.

    Sgt Beatrice Hayes of Bath’s Community Safety Team is urging bike owners to take extra security measures, including fitting sensor lights and locks onto side gates. She said owners should
    • Consider fitting an alarm to sheds and garages
    • Register their bike’s serial number with a photo on
    • Mark their bikes with a UV or DNA-based security solution
    • Secure bikes to a concreted ground anchor
    • Always use a lock or chain of Sold Secure standard

    Anyone who sees anything suspicious is asked to contact the police on 0845 456 7000. Or call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via They never ask for your name or trace your call.

    I’ll keep a close eye on my bath then

    They’re only after posh cast iron ones on legs apparently, not the nasty cheap plastic ones 🙂

    Cast Iron bath Vs Orange Five…… think the bath just may about weigh in at scrap dealers for a little bit more 😆


    Can someone explain what a “DNA-based security solution” is?

    I can think of a way of leaving my DNA all over my bikes, but I’m sure they’re not talking about that!!

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    smart water

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    You use a paint with some small bits of DNA on the frame. When a stolen frame is recovered some of the paint is tested for these specific DNAs and the frame identified.

    SmartWater etc…


    Got my 2 bikes stolen last night from my shed.
    1 Trek US Postal with carbon upgrades and 1 Ridgeback Solo (single speed.)

    That hurts.



    Interesting this. I live in Bath and had someone rooting round my back garden in the week. There was nothing to take, just a pile of junk waiting for next trip to the tip, but we did consider they might be looking for hidden keys. All the old paint cans had been carefully moved in a systematic way. Keep your eyes peeled.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    All this UV and Smart Water security solution stuff is all well and good, but what real use is it if the Police don’t actually bother looking for your expensively marked and paid for bikes?

    A bit more info. Locals will gather those addresses are all close to the end of the Bristol Bath Railway Path, as mentioned in the police press release there was a suggestion people may have been tailed back to their home addresses (sound familiar? – same tactic used in Bristol).

    You might be thinking, ‘ahh but there are lots of routes off the end of the path where a car can’t follow’ – correct but be aware there is a suggestion they are tailing people on a motorbike / moped.

    Also as in Bristol, they are going equipped with equipment to overcome security measures.


    Definitely makes sense now, I’m near the end and my housemate uses the path on a regular basis. I’ll get him to engage the cloaking device on once he is near home.

    Anyone know if thee attempts are still happening?

    Anyone know if thee attempts are still happening?

    None in Bath this week, but as posted on here somewhere at least one address in Bristol was done this week.. and the Bike Fest organiser had his MX bikes taken 🙂

    keep them in youre house then you can find a legal excuse to cut the **** neck when you find em in ur hose! break in to my home one of us is leaving in a body bag!

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