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  • slackalice

    Inter-Cash on the high street.

    Much less confusing and face the fact that you’re going to get the wrong end on any deal with exchange rates.

    To buy them? Keep them?or spend them?
    Sorry, I’m not understanding your question.


    Post office

    Premier Icon nuke

    Post Office + 1

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    They have cashpoints in France.


    Off to France next week…the internet is confusing me



    In terms of rates? This site basically compares rates for you, shows you the euro rate for each so just look for the best one! –

    Are you looking to buy online? Post office good but never bought online.

    ICI Bank? never heard of them but rate looks good. also looks good and free delivery!

    Hope that’s helped, enjoy France!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    generally spend on the cards as carrying a whole trips worth of Euros seems a little foolish.
    Take out 2-3 days worth of cash for small things and the rest on the card.


    Europe. They’ve got shed loads of them over there.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I spent a little while looking at different places, before figuring out that it made a difference of pennies anyway, so I went with my own bank as it meant less fannying around setting up accounts etc.


    Another vote for Post Office, order online and pick them up at a branch that’s convenient.

    EDIT, of course they may well have them in branch, last time we had to order Swiss Francs.



    Check with you debit cards if they levy a transaction fee for every transaction.
    Taking cash out with a UK debit card in Germany costs you around 3.50 GBP. So if you can live with that, that could be the easiest route.

    Obviously, when you buy currency, you will also have to exchange it when you get back – whic costs and is a PITA. I have 160 GBP worth of roubles are the moment – I will have to wait until I am at Heathrow!

    Do NOT cchange at airports: the exchnage rates are the louiest in the world. They were offering around 1 GBP : 1 Euro this morning ….


    Recently went to Lanzarote myself opted for a prepayment card from CaxtonFX, No charges and the interest rate was better than anything i could get on the high street.

    Really didn’t want to be carrying around a load of cash, so it worked pretty well.

    Also it was pretty handy being able to log on to the Caxton website at the hotel and top up the card when we’d spent all our money on the first day booking activities for the rest of the week.


    Try Thomas Exchange here

    Beats any other deal.

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