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  • number18

    Bill Withers – Live @ Carnegie Hall



    Simple Minds – Live in the city of light .

    Just before they turned totally shit and has enough of New Gold Dream to outweigh the inferior ‘Once upon a time’ tracks.

    Surprised nobody has mentioned this one, whether you like them or not its a very good example of a live album

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    ‘Weld’ for me, easily.

    whether you like them or not its a very good example of a live album

    Well, you must listen to music in a completely different way to me.. I have to like the music first!

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    Absolutely Sound of Impact, why did I ever sell that album?

    My nomination is Sweet Sister Ray bootleg. 4 20 minute plus live versions of the infamous song.


    Liking the Queen Live Killers. Loving the Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous too

    Delicate Sound of Thunder – Floyd. Brilliant!


    The double live Talking Heads album that I remember was “The name of this band is Talking Heads”. Very good IIRC, but Ramones FTW

    Well, you must listen to music in a completely different way to me.. I have to like the music first!

    I do like Kiss, but know they are not everybodys cup of tea amongst the rock/metal crowd.
    Judas Priest made some great albums, but their live Unleashed In The East was very poor.

    I meant a good example as in conveying the live atmosphere of the gig rather than tracks that had been edited and strung together.


    Bukem & Conrad.

    (A bit different from your rock albums)

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    Bullet in a Bible at MK



    My posted Vids of John Mayer and Jason Mraz were to inform you lot of thier Live albums.

    John Mayer – Any Given Thursday.

    Jason Mraz – Tonight, Not Again.

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but One Cold Night by Seether is awesome, it’s a live acoustic set that works so well.

    concert can be viewed here


    been said already on the first page but:

    plus not a double album but surely one of the best live albums:

    and I really like this one, another debut as a live album:

    Does two albums count as a double?

    Brilliant Jewish(!) reggae fusion:

    The Clash. No explanation required:

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    Pearl Jam – Live at Benaroya Hall (it’s a double..)

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    Bloody Alchemy. One year at Reading our neighbours turned up,put up a gazebo with a generator and played it non stop for at least 24 hours then someone killed their generator.
    Wasn’t me, honest.

    Listening to Rory Gallagher Irish Tour ’74 on one of the recommendations above. Amazing, you’ve made my day!

    Might try the Townes van Zandt one next.


    binners wrote:

    Best live double album? Whitesnake – live in the heart of the city.

    Absolutely sublime blues rock. It’s a bittersweet experience listening to it though. You wonder, completely baffled, how they managed to go from this to churning out the absolutely bloody god-awful hair-rock shite they we’re responsible for vomiting out in the 80’s, complete with the most cringeworthy videos known to man

    why don’t you ask the multi-millionaire David Coverdale just where it all went wrong? ;D


    INRAT… Bob Dylan at the Budokan

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    Love the Neil Young offerings especially Live Rust. The Black Crowes have recorded a lot of gigs at the Fillmore over the years, the DVD Freak and Roll is good and if you do I tunes there are 6 great shows available. Each night finishes with a trio of covers, Beatles one night, Neil Young one night, The Band, The Stones, Blues standards etc.


    no one’s mentioned ‘Here and There’

    EJ at his best.

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    Just remembered Joe Cockers Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Great singing and a fantastic band.

    Surprised it took 5 posts before someone mentioned Alchemy Dire Straits. Always been my fave live double album.

    Also, yes, Live In The City Of Light. Right up there, too.

    Now if we’re talking *single* live albums, It’s gonna have to be:

    Peerless. Absolutely peerless.

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    I forgot one of my all time fav live Jazz albums, the very first live double album ever released way back in 1938.

    Benny Goodman Live at Carnegie Hall

    I’d love to hear Pete Long recreate the experience down at Cadogan Hall on the 14th Feb but it’s 400 miles away from me 😥

    Pete Long Cardogan Hall

    Well, if it’s open to live albums in general,

    Five man acoustical jam – Tesla
    Really gets the feel of being there at the gig, mistakes and all.

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    Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes, Live at the Greek

    The Band, The Last Waltz

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    Mr Woppit got it right, and I’m ashamed of the rest of you that it took until nearly the end of the third page to get there.

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    Oh well, if we’re relaxing the rules, there’s no contest.

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    And if we’re including single albums…

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