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  • Mrs Toast

    Aviva allow you to insure bikes up to £2500 each on home insurance, as long as they’re either locked in a secure building, or locked to an immovable object. It adds about £3 a month onto our contents insurance.

    Not sure how good they are at actually paying out though, I think quite a few insurance companies are a bit iffy about bikes being nabbed off cars in particular, and some can be funny with sheds, requiring particular locks, ground anchors, etc (and some don’t class sheds as buildings). The woman on the phone said our bikes would be insured if they were in a locked shed though.

    AA decent now, used to be M&S but not anymore. not many places will insure you to have your bikes locked to your car! THey have to be locked to immovable object.


    Ask me in a few weeks! 🙂

    Protect your bubble seem to be dealing with mine ok so far, lets see what happens.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    It’ll depend on the value of your bikes. I’d still recommend m&s for the level of cover they provide and their reputation. Rather pay a bit more for peace of mind. One bike at 5400 cost me an additional 20%, which was about 80 quid, plus all the others in the family are worth under 2k, so are covered unspecified.

    I’ve looked at the aa policy, and the wording is sparse. It seems as if bikes are on.y covered if they’re inside the car, out pf sight, unless you choose their prestige cover, when you can have them on a roof carrier, with the possible exception pf them being specified. They also say the maximum payout for a car theft claim is £1000. And the maximum payout for a claim for theft from garage or outbuilding is £3000. No new for old on bikes either- they will factor in depreciation.

    I would really recommend speaking to their call centre and running through the implications of each scenario.

    Premier Icon greenstix7

    Anyone recommend a decent cover, reasonably priced which actually covers normal life situations!?
    Bike to be kept outside in a shed or in a car or on top of a car.
    Looking to cover 3 bikes and my son’s Hotrock.
    Look forward to some replies!

    Premier Icon greenstix7

    Thanks guys, i’m going to find what our home insurance may cover which is First Direct (underwritten by Aviva)
    Any more suggestions on what i should be paying a month?

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I’ve just sorted out our home insurance – previously not bothered covering bikes due to the cost, but the C2W small print at work says I’m supposed to have it insured.

    Just taken out cover with AXA, £25 got me up to £1000 for each bike or £2500 total, which will do for C2W bike and some of the rest….


    The Green insurance company, bike stolen one week they settled the claim the next week very fast service 😀


    I’m with Cycleguard, it costs be about £17 a month to insure £2500, covered most places provide it has gold secure lock on it including car roof. It also gives me £1000000 third party cover just in case I cause any damage to person/property, not sure how well they pay out and they are relatively expensive, I will probably add to house insurance next time.


    To add on 2 bikes with M&S, one at £4k the other at £3k has cost an additional £160per year

    Other bikes insured up to £1k on standard policy


    Just got my renewal from M&S.
    Called them and specified 2 bikes @ £4300,
    they added £190 to the renewal, doing the same online was at least double that.
    Not a cheap insurance now, but the M&S service / cover is worth it.

    Premier Icon greenstix7

    Went with adding it on to the hoim einsurance with First Direct.
    Seemed reasonable at about £14/month.
    Thanks for everyone’s help.

    Cycleguard will cover a bike on roofbars as long as its locked with a Sold Secure Gold lock on it?

    What is the lock attached to? I would be amazed if they’d ever entertain a claim, especially if it was the roof bar locks defeated and the lock was nicked with the bike.

    Suspect a sales person told you this and the small print doesn’t back it up…


    Just spoke to AA it added £30 on for a £2300 bike. They don’t do new for old, they take off wear and tear! The guy wasn’t able to tell me how they work this out. So how do I not know that by getting insurance on a 2k bike that’s over a year old, that they would only pay out £500 tomorrow or £300 in a years time!

    Premier Icon P20

    Reding through this, it’s going to cost us a fortune when we need to renew in a month or so’s time 🙁


    spooky b329 FYI –

    2.3 Theft of Your Bicycle when from a vehicle
    What is Covered
    Within the Territorial Limits.
    We will at Our option, replace, or pay the cost of replacing the Bicycle, with a similar article of like kind, functionality, and quality. We may use specialist suppliers for replacement chosen by Us.
    What is Not Covered
    1. The Excess as shown on Your Insurance Schedule
    2. Theft when You have not complied with Security Requirement 3.3.
    3. When access to the vehicle has not been made by Forcible and Violent Entry.
    4. Any Depreciation of a Bicycle more than three years old from the date of manufacture.
    5. When loaned or hired out by You to any other person, other than a member of Your Family if You have paid the required additional Premium and the cover is shown on Your Insurance Schedule.
    6. Unexplained Theft.
    7. Theft when Your Bicycle is secured by a lock which is only approved for use with a Bicycle with a lower Value than Your Bicycle.

    3.3 Security Requirements for Vehicles where the Bicycle is in or on a Vehicle
    Theft whilst the Bicycle is in or on a vehicle shall only be covered in circumstances where:
    a) All doors, windows and other openings of the vehicle are left closed, securely locked and properly fastened.
    b) Access to the Bicycle must have been effected by Forcible and Violent Entry.
    c) Any security devices installed in the vehicle are in operation and
    d) The Bicycle is stored out of sight, or is secured through the frame by an Approved Lock to the roof or bike rack attached to the vehicle.
    e) If the Bicycle is left in or locked on to the vehicle between the hours of 9pm and 6am the vehicle must be fitted with a
    Thatcham category 1 alarm/immobiliser or category 2 immobiliser or category 3 steering lock, and if any such Category 1 and 2 device is not factory fitted, it must have been installed by a member of the Vehicle Security Installation Board and evidence of such must be provided in the event of a claim.
    f) When You are outside the United Kingdom where it is impossible to comply with the Thatcham security requirements, Theft shall only be covered if the vehicle is fitted with a factory fitted alarm or immobiliser and evidence of its existence must be provided in the event of a claim.
    g) Any vehicle used must have
    • valid motor insurance;
    • a valid MOT certificate where applicable;
    • current road tax where applicable; and
    • all windows and locks that are capable of rendering the vehicle secure

    I did check the small print, I’m not as daft as you suggest !!

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