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  • Best budget cyclocross bike?
  • Looking to get a cyclocross bike as a winter hack – budget of £500 max and ideally want new (can access cycle to work scheme) – what can you recommend?

    Ps. I liked the look of the Genesis day one but now its disc only out of price bracket

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    Norco Threshold A3 or Jamis Nova might come in at around £500 on C2W. Not sure of others as I’ve only ever looked at disc equipped.


    I spent a while looking for a similar bike – they dont really exist.

    I got the Day One, an ex demo for £599 from Uk Bike Depot delivered . On the Cycle scheme it is cost me less than £20 over 18 months.

    I love it. Had to change the gears to something more manageable off road (changed to a 42 /22).

    You should get a Day One.

    Thats a good price you got on the Day One tobyho. Do you find you use it a lot this time of year?

    Back up for the evening crew 🙂

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    Genesis day 01 currently £594.15 at UK bike depot. Think this is just cash price though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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