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  • Best bird you have seen!?
  • dave_rudabar

    There was Snowy the owl, some years ago…

    Tijuana Taxi

    I did actually see a Cuckoo once, very underwhelming, but pleasing as I had only ever heard them before that sighting though

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Best for me? Bit spoiled really….
    Raptors: Seen a golden eagle today; short eared owls, tawny owl, red kites and buzzards on a weekly basis as well as they all nest around village, work and commute in.
    In the season I also get to see Osprey’s daily, including sneek peaks at the nest from 30m or so away (wait for the pics this summer when I get a long lens…).
    We have all sorts of smaller things as well – favorite has to be the siskins, wren’s and goldcrests at work and the lesser spotted woodpecker that nests in our garden.
    Through the year I also see lots of sparrowhawks and black grouse (We have a lek at work (often pop in early in spring and take a coffee out to watch them in the back field).
    I have seen Capercallie a couple of times – once even with groups.
    I am also fairly sure that we have a Marsh Harriers on local hills.

    Favourite? I love the short eared owls and capercallie – but the Osprey’s are just so accessible and regular and an amazing sight up close and personal….

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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